Another service like DDMarkets - Finally found one

Im glad to share this service with you

I made great profits with them in two weeks and it was enough to pay for the service for 4 years
they have 2 weeks trail and they are awesome and they trade through out the week whenever there is an opportunity

Also they are better than DDmarkets because they make the profits after the real target is hit or close not like DD taking profits gradually

Im out form Ashraf ALAiadi service he loses more than he makes profits and i been with him for a while and he deletes his SLs hits from the site so be aware

can you explain"they make the profits after the real target is hit or close"

i didn’t registered at their website. so don’t how much need pay for Gold Membership

Thanks for posting this. I signed up for the 2 week trial to test the service.

I am still with Laidi. I had a very profitable December and January. February has not been as good but I am still a little better than break even. I’ve made enough since December to pay for the service for 2.5 years.

Thanks for posting, track record looks good. What is the monthly fee? I don’t see it on the site.

i find need 99$ monthly,and free try for 14 days.But who know the results wsa accurate? (whether or not deleted the bad loss orders in their website?)

I been with them since 2 weeks and in my trail they opened 5 trades all of them were profitable

bought oil at 27

sold Eur USD at 1.1300

Sold Eur Cad at 1.5680 closed at 1.5180

Bought Gbp CHF and made 220 pips

Bought GBP USD at 1.4260

They are really good and i was suspicious that they can make a 1000 pips per month but they made it in the free trail

im sticking with them and with this guy in twitter @forexhunterplus he nails it and i mail also profits with him and still no losses

They have 23k followers in twitter so i think they are legit

and i made profit with them in my free trail close to 1000 pips so they won me over :slight_smile:

We are all helping each other so we can find service that we can rely on instead of the following the market headache

Laidi removes both profitable trades and the ones that have hit stop loss after some time. he looks legit to me.

Actually he is good at fundamental analysis thats it

His SL hits are once every week and as YOHIC said break even is what you look for with his service

I suffered alot with him and he trigger the trade in the wrong time and go out without accomplishing the TP

Last month was a disaster to me and if you been following him you can see the USD JPY and GBP JPY and EUR AUD trades were all wrong wither to quit without waiting for the target or waiting for the SL to be hit

Until now I can agree that I was expecting better, especially with the entry points of trades. Let’s wait and see.

Ive been with him for a long time and i seen all the mistakes that a beginner do in trading

rising the SL when traders calculate the risk ratio he just rise it for 150 pips in GBPUSD sell few weeks ago

EURAUD from profit to SL 600 pips few weeks ago without notifying subscribers to adjust to breakeven

Entries when the momentum is changing and this is 90% of the trades you can get them for 100 or 200 pips difference

His silly technical analysis that uses MA 100 and 200 and stochastic which dosent work mostly

DD markets was the best service that i found but since closing i moved to ashraf again to suffer but im really happy that i found trends to trade they are even better than DD markets because they enter more trades and they take advantage from the market and they dont TP gradually because that miss your calculations of risk and reward

I see. I might give trends2trade trial a try. For now I’m stuck with Laidi.

let’s try,rentre gbpusd and eurcad orders, but eurcad looks risky,let’s wait results

Yes its and we already made a profit 600 pips last week and took profit at 1.5150 and re entered again at 200 pips difference and they are already waiting for a swing in OIL but as you said its risky

after gbpusd hit sl…get email let me Still holding and move stop loss:o

Tried trends2trade for a while.
Honestly, I prefer Laidi.
Didn’t like their style, obviously their analysis is inferior to that of Laidi’s.
And most importantly, I didn’t feel like they know what they’re doing 100%.
Each to his own…they might be good, and it was only bad luck.
It’s just my opinion.

Another one to possibly consider i came across today… has a documented performance history and a free trial so I thought i’d post it for comparison with trends2trade and Laidi-

Just took my biggest loss on one of Laidi’s calls…Terrible loss.
He hasn’t made any notable gains this month to compensate for this loss.

Has anybody tried this?
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