Another shot at Forex after failure

Hello all

I’m new, only been trading for three months (part time) but with real account; foolish yes( I lost 1700 dollars of the 2500$) but great learning curve. Read several books opened accounts on ALPARI and easy forex, demo trading on OANDA.

I’m tempted yet again to deposit 2 k$ in easyforex(even though that it has low reviews) but feeling tempted because they offer 1:1 training and they have account managers and advisors that contact you. Right now I’m going through the pip school and plan to start again in two weeks.

What should I do? I find myself preferring scalping to day trading but not longer than that. I look both at technical and fundamental analysis but I panic and close those deals quick where they have made extra 200 pips had i waited.

Is there a better broker than easyforex that offers 1:1 training? Access to dealing rooms and free SMS notifications? Because that’s what they offer if u deposit 2 k.

Help , thoughts ideas please
Thank u

I wouldn’t look to brokers to help you trade profitably. My advice is to slow down, have a look around. Maybe go through the Babypips school and forums. It’s a new world, take it in. Don’t expect to make money consistently for at least another year and if you rush the process you will have to learn your lesson the hard way again. Shortcuts are very costly in this business. Good luck on your journey.