Anti-sentiment trading

Just look at that! :smiley: How it bounced of weekly support, shorts squeezed again.

Well put and why trading can be a lonely and hard choice of vocation. There is nobody to blame around you, and at times there will be nobody to blame at all. Variance will just not be in your favour.

Tradersโ€™ sentiment is to sell GBP/JPY. As the pair has stopped dropping slightly below 200 MA 4H I am looking to long it if price action confirms. Just have to wait for London to open.

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This morning shows crowd top sentiment in favor of buying AUD and selling CAD. So I do the opposite - I just sold AUD/CAD at 90.25 with TP1 40 pips, TP2 80 pips and SL 35 pips.


Get out of AUD/CAD trade if you followed me. Iโ€™ve got some profit, but now it would be best to stay on the safe side.

AUD/CHF and AUD/CAD are the most bought pairs across the crowd. That signals a potential move down but before entering trade I have to wait for instruments to bounce a bit.

Oh i agree, trading itself is not hard its a simple buy/sell option its just building the right foundations that are a little difficult. However, its within reach for 95% of people if the work is put in :slight_smile: I agree too humility is so key in trading because if you dont have it the market will humble you lol

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@cashking86 I truly agree! Losing or winning trades, it is all on the trader. We can not blame anyone for our trading outcomes because the decisions are ultimately taken by us. That is why we should not trade the money which we can not afford to lose.

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Absolutely and trading is a probabilistic numbers games and in a random sample size there will be lots of periods of losing runs even when your strategy is correct and your entries are too all we need to know is over the long run we will be profitable

Yup looks like it surged since! Just randomly checked this one today.