Anti-sentiment trading

CHFJPY selling sentiment is at the top of other instruments. You can check it here: SWFX Sentiment Index :: Dukascopy Bank SA | Swiss Forex Bank | ECN Broker | Managed accounts | Swiss FX trading platform

4H TF price paused on 200 EMA and there is a good chance for it to bounce up. Went long and now waiting for action.

Some may call that catching falling knives.


Catching falling knives is a concept, my friend. Unfortunately, people who trade concepts lose their money. This is really important to grasp: all concepts are relative in the sense on their meaning.
Meanwhile, I took 50 pips profit risking 40 pips by closing half of my position and the rest of it waits to hit 100 pips profit target.
Trade safe.

Nothing new this morning before European markets open. Top crowd sentiment remains the same: sell CHF, buy JPY.

Agree, no need to be doing something that volatile when there are more probabilistic ways to trade

Congratulations on the win. Do you have historical statistics of how many trades you have taken with this type of entry plan, and what the win/loss ratio is? Good practice and history of trading are what a lot of members seek when they read Babypips.

Your anti-sentiment trading may be useful to many members. Please tell us more.

Thank you.
I understand. This journal serves exactly that purpose. But not by asking you to believe, no. By letting see it with your own eyes.

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I look forward to your next journal entry - thankyou

So CHF/JPY long trade was closed with 100 pips profit banked. Nothing new this morning in snowy Europe, CHF/JPY being the topmost selling sentiment across the crowd.

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Good morning from the dark, gloomy, and windy old world. CHF remains the most buying crowd sentiment with JPY selling. The latter correlates with a slight drop in the stock market and confirms the current strengthening of the yen. We will see if it is just short-term correction or a change in the underlying factors which I, frankly saying, am not very keen on following on :slight_smile: I closely watch another pair - GBPJPY as the next topmost selling fiat is GBP. It might take a time to reach a possible entry point at or near 200 MA of 4H TF.

Nothing new here. Crowd sentiment remains the same: sell CHF, buy JPY. Notice, how CHFJPY bounced of 200MA 4h TF again, opposite to the crowd expectations.

Today is MLK day in the US. It might be a good idea to stay away from markets :wink:

This is so true, its crazy how many times you can see things back tested but lose confidence in placing that trade. You have to go through it yourself the losses the wins the lot. Thats why trading is hard imo Every mentor can bring you to a competent level but unfortunately all traders must walk alone

Rightly so and beautifully put: every trader must walk alone. Especially, successful one. One thing, though, I thought I’d like to clear out - trading itself is not hard. A trader makes it so. With 15 years spent in different markets with so many different styles of trading executed by different traders, I’ve really seen a lot, not to brag.
The most systematic, essential, overarching, and global problem with trading is traders’ ego. Nothing new here said under the old good Sun. But this should be stressed again and again and again.


CAD is the most sold across the markets now with JPY being the topmost bought. On 4h TF CAD/JPY formed a seemingly double top and it might be (though quite a risky) chance to sell the pair. I am going to stay on the safe side and wait for a possibility to do the contrary and buy the instrument at the bottom of a range somewhere around 90.50.

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CHF/JPY again is the most sold pair. I am going to go long if the price action is right around 200 MA 4H which is also supported by daily pivotal support. However, the stock market showed considerable weakness and the yen could strengthen even more.

I’ve been doing forex trading for a while. Everything was going great; I was making good money. However, this did not last long. Soon I began to lose money rapidly. This happened because forex trading is unpredictable, and it is difficult to predict anything. Then, after studying little other markets, I decided to do futures trading. I liked this market and decided to delve into it. After a bit of training, I immediately started trading futures. The first results were not long in coming. The advantage of futures trading is that you can always stay in the black if you do everything right. There is nothing unpredictable here.

You rock up here as a complete unknown and say there’s nothing unpredictable in futures trading.

Maybe you expect traders here to just trust you and take your word for it.

But if this is such a good idea post up some hard evidence to back up what you say.

NickWhittle, pls remove your post, it has nothing to do with my trading journal.


So, let us see how CHF/JPY behaves. 19 pips SL and 40 pips TP.

So, the stock market went down again. DJI now paused on the daily 200 MA, we will see if that holds. MY counter-sentiment CHFJPY trade is the loss of 19 pips, obviously, as the yen strengthens with risk-off mode. Nevertheless, CHFJPY is the most sold pair. I am waiting for it to resume uptrend with a watchful eye on 200 MA 4H TF.