Guys i need your advise and experience on Dax Markets?

No idea about this broker! But I see, they have only 1 point out of five; so be careful.

I see, this is your 1st post; why you are asking about this broker? Have any specific reason?

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Links below should give you enough clarity about the company of question.

If you do not want or have the time to go through all of them and read the feedback others have given, let me sum it up for you:
It’s a scam. Do NOT use.

Good morning Sir. I got your info online and would love for you to help me if you can. I joined Daxmarkets thinking I could make some money. I deposit $250 and then I was told to borrow $3974 to invest and I would make a very good profit. Based on what I saw on daxmarkets site it showed that it made a very good profit. I was told that I could get some money from the investment if I paid back the loan from daxmarkets.

I was also told that if I paid the loan and not take any money for two days they would invest again and I would get even more on the money so I did. It look very good after the two days.
I then requested some money from daxmarkets and was told that they invested more than they were to invest and went over by $1400 and if I paid the $1400 I could get the money I requested plus the $1400 back so I send the money. Now I’m in a bind and cant get any money. They send me a letter to sign to say they didn’t do any trade on my account. I need the money. I need to pay back the loan I borrowed I was on vacation in Jamaica and had no money because I send the money I had for my vacation to daxmarkets and I told the man (Jake) that when he called.
Now no one call me anymore and there’s no more trading on the account