Any automated systems you use which actually work?

Which robots or automated systems do you guys buy which actually work? I mean, even if it’s a very slow build up, which I imagine it is, what are the programs that you have found are legit and have a decent chance of working?

Thanks for the recommendations.

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I’m making my income using: megadroid, Bling and forexgator. Megadroid hit one SL since April and is always positive for the month. Bling (only Thunderbolt), I started using on 10/01/09 and so far I made 96 pips, looks promising. ForexGator is not an EA but works great, I made 210 pips in last 2 weeks. Hope this help.
Good luck


i looking for free EA for 3 weeks, but most of them give 50-50, mostly win 30-50.

and some of them give little profits and quit large loss.

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Theres one here in australia by a company called Gryphon Learning and its the Phoenix AI system and a tool called Hawkeye.

The tool is fairly handy but they have an automated system which has been used as a major recruiting customer lure and its been a work in progress for months on end now.

They seem to be endlessly trying to get more people involved and paid up and never seem to release this ‘tool’ they advertise.
Ponzi scheme???

We have stopped telling people about it and havent signed up anymore people other than the 5 friends we got onboard.

If you are considering joinging them through one of their many seminars I would advise holding back until they show some real results or get this system useable!!!

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i’m struggle with manual trading, hence i’m looking for good EA that works well…
recently i sign up megadroid, running about 7 days now, yet i got no trade being carried out… still under observation.

by the way, did anyone try a manual trading system call 10 minute forex wealth builder before? if you have please share your experience…

i had look around several forum… found nothing useful about the system…

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Does anyone have info. on Forex Mercenary?

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I am still hoping that someone can give me feed back on this AE. Having down loaded the contents it seems to rely on getting small returns such as 3 pips. It is not an automated system so I could imagine spending a life time watching my computer. I did through trial an error, develope my own system that was showing around 80% wins with a win to loss ratio of at least 2-1 on a live account. I liked the idea of installing a robot to do the work but having tried several they all seem to have 2 things in common. They are totally over hyped and they do not come anywhere near expectations. I am now very suspicious that they are mainly money making scams.

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I am using Trade Manager and Trend Manager. They are expensive but they work. You can demo the systems before you buy.

I just signed up to a new EA called FPD Project 1. It is totaly automated via a special MT4 supplied by IBFX via a company based in Edinbourgh (Scotland) UK. I have been told it is slow but consistant and trades on D1 time zone, their system alters the S/L and T/P as well as close trade etc from their end via your MT4. The EA and Hosting is £70 per month. I decided to give it a try for 1 Month but have a feeling it will continue.

I have been told there are other totaly automated systems out there, anybody know where they are?

hi there, I also bought this and found that the trades are back to front and only trades correctly at around 10% of the time i have requested a refund on this through plimus and looks like i have had it retured… get your money back.

i only traded on a demo and lost most of the account in 3 days…

I go for manual trading than automated ones. I fully get the feel of the trading process and i can get the most suitable decision for it. But there are some good automated systems out there. You can even find free ones.

I’ve been using Megadroid successfully for about a month and a half. So far I am positive 15%, with only one losing trade.

I am documenting the daily trade details.

With affiliate links on it…

…but not the purpose of my site. I am not a salesman.

Part of my original post was deleted, and I can certainly understand why. I posted a link to my website, which is forbidden.

I posted the link to my site because it shows how the Megadroid has been doing in my account since Jan 1. My site also automatically updates each day to show both the winning and losing trades. People are always interested in seeing how an EA trades using:

  1. A real account, not a demo
  2. Forward testing, not backtesting.

My site is based on these ideas. That is why I posted. I apologize if I offended anyone.

well, if there is stuff being sold on your site, whether directly or indirectly, that’s enough of a reason.

My thoughts are that these robots cannot be judged within days or weeks. We got to look at the consistency of the trades over months to judge whether this EA is profitable or not.

Most EAs trade on scalping strategies which has huge stop loss and little profit. I think a reasonable ratio for an EA to be profitable is about SL3:1TP, anything more can lead to potential financial loss.

I am using Expert Advisor which helps me to get good overview of the market, it helped me to increase succesfull trades from 51% to 74%. Thats great! Of course i am doing manually the trades by myself, but it is very to easy to use EA tool:) I don;t like EA which trades automatically, it just cant work. Lots of factors are here… to many of them to control automatically.

I’ve sold AUDUSD near 0.9009 on daily charts, still holding it, I expect to have a strong rebound, if not I will take some profit anyway:)

There are many, many ea’s out there that just get churned out one after the other every week and marketed by the affiliate gurus.:mad:

The trick is to find those ea’s that are being developed by people with passion and morality.

I think I’ve found a couple of those (actually 3 so far I believe) but the proof is in the live statements


Can you please share with us, which are these EAs?