Any bad experiences with signal providers?

This thread is for anyone that had a bad experience with a signal provider.
Hopefully it is a guide for anyone looking to try this alternative. Please post if you tried a signal provider, followed their instuctions step by step and still managed to make little or loss money compared to what they claim.
Please only the bad i guess. You go to other forums , people brag about a provider, you lose only to find out later they worked for them and merly was an advertisement ploy. Put all the bad here and whatever is left over you can figure the good ones yourself.

You could try for those signal reviews. I dont use any signal providers to trade forex. Instead of giving the man a fish to eat, teach the man HOW to fish and he will benefit for a lift time. That is wat baby pips is about!
Gd luck!

U could also try However, i think both topforexreview and forexbastards are biased.

Any ideas on good forex education courses ? Any experience with FXCM Trading Room ?


I also thought forexbastards was biased, i clicked on the sites and almost all of them are owned by the same guys, i think felix or something like that. I did hear good things about them, and based on the comments from others they seem legit, but it is mostly run by the same guy.