Any book for newbie?

hi guys do you have any any book for newbie that you can suggest?
Thanks in advance guys…

If you go through babypips school course you will get to know everything. It has all the information that traders want to know. But make sure you go through up to graduation. If you stop half way through it won’t help you at all.

Best of luck :slight_smile:

look here and take your pick.
/Trading Books/

happy reading.

Thank you I will check it out…
thanks again… :slight_smile:

Thank you for the books Great help… :slight_smile:

Here’s a good list of recommended trading reading suggested by a group of experienced successful traders and market pros.

If i could only have one book it would be Technical analysis of the financial markets by John J Murphy. It covers the basics of technical analysis in detail but its an easy read unlike some books on the subject.

for you as a newbies i can propose for some other site that can give you a live lesson about how to forex just make some search on the net and you will find them , that will be better for you

you might also want to view few videos on youtube for basic stuff
its really helpfull

Everything that you could possibly want to know about trading is available for free so take your pick.

Candlestick Trading For Dummies is a must in my opinion, it’s a great read and gives you some great grounding.

There is which includes number of forex books. You can download any book that you have wish to read.

Hi IronMan :slight_smile:

Better than any book, I’d recommend the following set of resources:

  1. Babypips school, in tandem with
  2. Forex Price Action thread ( 301 Moved Permanently )

The combination of the two is a goldmine to last a trading lifetime.


Agree with most the members in this thread. The school here at babypips is a great place to start. Learn all you can for free - there is an abundance - if after that you still want to buy a book you will have a better idea of the specialist area you want to investigate further.

Candlesticks For Support And Resistance — The basics of trading with candlesticks charts by John H. Forman.

It’s a great book for beginners.

John J Murphy - Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets.

Known as the Trading ‘Bible’ by many Technical Traders.
Have a look for an ebook version, or Torrent File as it’s an expensive book to purchase in hardback, but worth it.

Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets – John Murphy, this was my first book about market, i find it very useful. The book is clearly written and easy to understand.

thanks you so much for the excellent suggestions and tips… :slight_smile: