Any brokers with open API?

Hello world. (This is actually my first message so wanted to get that out of the way.)

I have been learning a lot about forex in the recent months. I eventually want to do algorithmic trading and I have zero interest in any proprietary platform (mt4 etc.). So far the only decent api I found is the oanda REST api. The nice thing about that is that it is fully platform independent and they also give full access to the demo account so I can actually test my code live. I am concerned about oanda being a market maker but I believe one can still win if he knows what he is playing against. At least they have a decent reputation in general.

The only NDD broker I found that has a decent api, so far, has been interactive brokers, but they have a $10k minimum. So a reasonable strategy is to make $10k in oanda and switch to IB. But even then, the c++ api from IB is much messier than the REST api from oanda. I have trouble believing that no other reputable broker has a clean,open API, but I can’t find any. FXCM have NDD option for as little as $2k, but no API. Bummer.

Any suggestions?

Welcome to the forum, Mui! FXCM does offer API trading.

Let me know if you have additional questions about the API options on listed on our website, and I can put you in touch with one of our specialists.

You might want to google FIX API as well.

Good suggestion, Toekan :22:

While FXCM supports FIX version 4.4, our FIX API requires an Active Trader account ($25,000 account minimum).

As an alternative for our Mini account ($50 minimum) and Standard account ($2,000 minimum) clients, FXCM offers a scalable, light and robust Java API which is based on the FIX specification for forex and compatible on any Java-compliant operating system.

Hello Jason,

Thanks for the input, that might actually be a game changer. As my weapon of choice is python, I am not particularly interested in the java api but I found this project(can’t post link but it is forex-connect-py in github). Somebody already coded a [B]python wrapper around your forex-connect c++ api[/B]. Is this also available to a standard user?

Also, thanks, Toekan, FIX seems to be the de facto standard and I completely missed