Any California traders in the South Bay/ LA area?

Any traders out and about in this area? hit me up, it would be cool to talk in person to another FX trader.


I wish there were more traders on this site that are in the DC, MD, or VA. I still have yet to find them LOL

Lol, we’ll it was worth the post to find out. :face_with_monocle:

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I live in the riverside area I can meet up in Los Angeles. Would love to meet other traders

wait,:face_with_monocle: are you thee JOHN McFadden??

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Yo, I know this post is old but wanted to give a shout out.

I live in Monterey. When you say South Bay, are you talking SJC South Bay?

Hello everyone, thank you for your reasoning, I am very concerned about this!

omg I am from the dvm heyyyy but live in La now