Any canadian traders? vancouver perhaps?

just want to know, what platform is best for those residing in canada, lot of other firms charge extra for canadians.

currently, im liking fxsol and their software very much. im fed up with

also, are there any firms that allows you to withdraw moneys within a few days? even pay interest by keeping leaving money with the account?

I have heard some good things about questradefx. At least that your deposit is insured up to 1 mil. However i do not really have any specific feedback to their trading platform and brokerage services in general. I cannot find too many reviews on the web for them. Forexbastards has some but i really don’t know how trustworthy their rating system is.

eh man, yeah british columbia can be a tough one to pick a broker because they have residents in Canada and then residents in BC:confused:. Confusing I know, but eh what can u do. I used to trade with Man Financial but they lowered the leverage pretty high so I just said forget it. Actually I don’t even think it was that bad. They said it that margin would be 6% but I think for the mini the MMR was only $80 (which isn’t bad at all) so it was a far cry from what they said but maybe that was just for the standard account. Anyways sorry for the tangent, I tried questrade and They are a good broker, but I don’t like the platform too much. AS for Fxsol it’s a good call, I’m not sure if they charge more tho. And I’m not sure about them paying interest for u leaving money with the account. I don’t know if any brokers do that, if they did it would be such a small amount it wouldn’t even matter at all by the ned of the year if you had a large amount in the account. Look at saving accounts these days, and the brokers want to take ur money away from u. But I think the best thing is to research what is best for u tho, hopefully soemone in BC can shed some light 4 u too, cuz it’s alot diffent in other parts of Canada. take it easy, best eh!

man financial? are they vancouver located?

would it really matter if i chose a local firm/candian firm/american firm? im assuming no, but i would like to be in contact when the internet is down, or blackouts occur (where i live :frowning: ) so i can still close positions and stuff.

My friend is in Canada. He is trading his forex trades through STIFX.
And stifx is paying interest on funds left in account.