Any commissions or fees?

I read xglobal markets have spreads 0.8pips on some currencies, does any1 know what commissions they charge?

I have no experience with them, then again I’m a newbie and don’t have a lot of experience overall, but I think you should check their website…maybe they have different account types… and PLUS it is important to chose a broker carefully and do some research on the company, there are more things involved than the spread… so do your research :slight_smile:
i wish you good luck :57:

The spreads on the majors begin from 0.8 pips without any commission fees or any other sort of charges.

XGLOBAL Markets offers one global account for all our clients without any sort of classification. On that account a client will be able to
• Trade with spreads from 0.8 pips without any commission fees
• STP/ECN business model to ensure no conflict of interest or any manual intervention
• All trading strategies and EAs welcome
• Swap free trading
• No minimum deposit requirement to activate your account