Any Demo free site

Is there any Demo free site where I can view charts and set alert ( by email) for RSI or Stochastic overbought / oversold condition for Commodity / FOREX / Stocks instruments ?

Alert FX - Forex Alerts for Free

Email only and be aware there is a bit of lag. Hey, it’s free tho

I use an app called “forex alerts” to alert me, via text push notifications, of price reaching a certain level. I think it cost a buck or two but if you need it it pays itself off pretty fast

I also heard about this. But didn’t want to use it

Well they both work. I still get emails from alertfx for a gbpusd 5ema 10ema cross. I don’t even remember why I had that set up lol

I have gone through the link …There is no Commodity and Global Index there. I was in search of that too.

Thanks for the link anyway.

I use the free version as well along with the paid one…either way, let us know if you have located the right one yet…