Any DOM traders out there?

Just wondering if anyone out there currently uses the DOM to trade (either exclusively, or with support from a price chart)?

Looking to share ideas / methods.


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I’m interested to know too…

Hey ycomp- have you had any experience w/ the DOM?

not really, I’ve had it on screen and used it to place orders in futures but I haven’t scalped it or anything like that.

Also the one in ctrader is nice to look at but I don’t use it for anything that gives me any kind of insight into what’s going on.

That’s why it would be interesting to see what people have to say about the DOM in Forex… what it can be used for to help in trading.

I’m primarily interested in utilizing DOM w/ futures trading though.
A solitary price chart just feels empty to me (sometimes). Seeing that order flow and volume are crucial to making the most informed decisions.

Have you ever heard of jigsawtrading? Check out their vids on youtube- they have an advanced DOM tool which is pretty much representative of the same exact type of information floor traders on most major financial markets depend on. I’ve read/seen many interviews regarding using ladders to trade- the commonality amongst most: A price chart isn’t necessary. Show a floor trader the order flow, and they can visualize what’s happening in their head, in real-time, w/ amazingly accurate results.

well my suggestion is to keep hunting on youtube. Plenty to watch there about using the DOM in futures. Pretty easy to filter them out, just ignore the ones with any charts lol… ok might not work, some people like charts in their videos regardless.

I’d just search for things like tape reading, scalping, DOM, futures, etc. in youtube and keep watching until you learned enough )

I saw a really good one, but don’t remember which one it is. It was about scalping ES with the DOM… the guy was talking about what he thought was going to happen and explaining why and how it almost always behaves in a certain way… explaining what was going on, pointing out fake orders and explaining which way it was going to break. Try to find that one. It probably had no charts, just a DOM in it.

I just get started using Market profile chart and order flow chart , later I will move to order book and bookmap as advanced level , all indicators that exist in MT4/5 just a :poop: :poop: :poop: