Any experiences with these brokers down below?

  1. Roboforex
  2. Froex4you
  3. Alpari
  4. A.Markets
  5. freshforex
  6. icmarkets
  7. etoro
  8. XM
  9. hotFrox
  10. Pluss500

If not, what broker would you suggest for a newbie? like a “newbie safe”. i am looking into day trades low spreads, no surprise fees.

For anyone here from Norway, what brokers do you use?

Thank you!

I’m in the United States and there are only 3 we can use here, none of which are in your list.
I’m using Oanda.
They seem to have a worldwide presence, with offices all over the globe. Don’t know
if they allow accounts from your country though. Website should tell you.

I thought they all were international! I am from norway and i cant seem to find one from norway! gonna check your suggestion tho, thanks

Edit: OANDA | reviews and ratings by Forex Peace Army

Aloooot of people are saying its a scam. Have you ever experienced anything bad?

Jeez. Thanks for that…:wink:
No, I really haven’t. Haven’t used customer service so can’t comment on that. I have had one, or two, “strange” entry/exits but when I switch the charts to bid, or ask, it shows it did hit there to the pip. I want to think there is a conspiracy going on with my account, but I assure you it is was to small for that to be actually happening.
I used an introductory broker that got everything set for me, seamlessly, and gives me back a small check each month that offsets some of the “fees”. Only thing I can assume are the “fees” is the rate I’m charged(or given!) based on the currency pair I’m trading and, I guess, the disparancy in interest rates between the two pairs.
I liked the fact that they are “US rules” based, assuming that was a good thing. As stated, my understanding here in the States is that my 3 options are Oanda, Gain Capital, and Forex(I think it is).
I DID trade on the “paper” account for months before I went live. They DO have a ton of webinars to further your trading proficiency, but probably so do others.

Good to hear that they work good with you! gonna find someone who “works with Norway”. Just asking here everyone for their brokers so i might find one that fits me👀 search engines are showing ads mostly

Ingen av dem :stuck_out_tongue:
Run simulated trades on market feeds through a charting platform instead until you know what you are doing. There is no value to you at this stage in signing up to a demo account, or God forbid a live funded account. Well, other than the educational value there is in blowing up an account.

endelig, en fra Norge? haha

i wouldnt dare open a live account right now. i am just going through some courses and learning until i am confident enough to trade a demo account, then wait for a constant good ratio before i start live.

I was just looking for brokkers to know what kind of opportunities i have, living in Norway. seems like none? it would be better for me to invest my time in learning stocks rather than Forex if i cant trade fx. I asked DNB today if i can trade through them without opening a “marginkonto”, since thats what they are advertising. lets see what they answer!

Joda, nordmann, men har ikke bodd i Norge på lang tid :slight_smile:

Good alternatives for you are Saxo (Denmark) and LMAX. But at this stage you probably won’t be meeting minimum requirements. So in that case I would look at JFD Brokers. They are basically a German outfit but their main offices are in Cyprus and Bulgaria. But even better for you would be to forget opening a demo account right now and focus on trading simulated and develop your strategies and system on a charting platform with data feeds. Look into Sierra Chart. A tremendous platform with everything you need and the cost per month is pocket change really, US$24/month. Don’t waste time on selecting a broker right now. Use your time on learning how to be successful.

Thanks for suggestions but isnt a trading simulators same as demo account?

No. Simulated trading is done locally on your computer (or on a server hosted by your charting platform provider) inside your (charting) platform based on the data feeds your platform provides. A charting platform typically have many feeds piped to you from many sources, including forex feeds. There is no connection between you and a fx broker. At a later stage you can have this connection set up to do live (or demo) trading from your charting platform.

ah i see. do you have any good recommendations on that as well?

XM and ICMarkets are very good and reliable. :slight_smile:

Sierra Chart. They are affordable and provide tons of features

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Fxpro. Regulated in Major countries and segrated.

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I am ever trying bonus 30$ from XM, indeed this is very interested, profit can be withdrawn but minimum withdrawn is 5$, and every withdrawn we made hence bonus will be deducted according to amount of withdraw, so if we withdraw 5$ hence bonus will be left 25$, and if we can withdraw 30$ hence bonus will become zero again

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Talking about relatively famous Forex brokers there are a lot of them on the market.

I’ve been trading with XM for a long time. It’s one of the top brokers on the market and you can start trading with this company, it’s not a scam. Now I’m trading with JustForex, I can trust these two brokers that’s why I can recommend them. Xm broker is more famous but I think JustForex is a little bit undervalued.
JustForex offers free daily analytics. No problems with money withdrawal.

Start trading with the Demo account so that you could practice.

Also, pay attention to the customer support. It’s extremely important for you as the beginner.

From now 2 years of usage I can recommend JFD Brokers too.

But as you are a european trader you have the downpoint of trading regulation from the EU - so you might consider a broker thats outside the EU and thus giving you the real experience in trading.

For outside EU I can recommend Pepperstone and ICMarkets

don’t have any experience with the brokers you listed. But coinexx is a good broker to try. Very low fees and one of the best spreads I hv traded with. And to test you can set up an ecn live account in around just $7… none of the other brokers out there will let you set up an ecn account with so low deposit… a good broker and you should try

Up to now still no problem with Fxpro. The Best so far