Any forex signals I can use in the USA for $50-$100/mo? 800+ pips/month

Hey guys,

Do any of you have recommendations on reputable forex signals I can find in the US (so signals that don’t hedge their bets, and can work with Oanda/MT4) for $50 to $100/month, that get 800 pips or more per month?

I’ve been looking around but I’ve failed to find any who I can verify their profits with or any who have a longstanding history of trading.


You dont need 800 pips to be a winner sir.

Look here for performance:

Then go here:

The problem with this is, its a catch22 - someone who is an out and out trader, a full-time professional, isn’t going to dabble in giving out signals.

And someone who dabbles in giving out signals all day, isn’t a full-time professional.

For that price point, you want signals that will bag you 800+ pips a month - you’ve already answered your own question, you had a look around and couldn’t find any.

You know why.


Performance update–

Hello there, I still find FFPFX for forex signals wide better for their very cheap prices compared to what others do and also they are a real professional team

website :

Hey guys,
Since you are on the subject of signals. I wanted to ask if anyone has heard of “Fxlifestyle” from London? He apparently has signals for like $150 or $180 per year?

Follow my signals and watch the journey before decision

I sometimes use the signals service I belong too. The signals has to fit my strategy I have . I been with them 1 and half years. They are Easy Pips. They are about $180 a Year but run specials. Excellent customer service , TP1 usually hits within 24 hours or less. TP2 usually within 24 to 48 hours. TP3 hits anywhere from 3 to 5 days, two weeks up to Month.

Not very often do they have bad days. Signals come London time mostly I live on Eastern Time Zone USA most signals come between 4;30 am to 6;30am.

I trend Trade so it really don’t matter.

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