Any Forex Trader from The Philippines here?


I’ve been studying Forex for about 2 years now. I just wanna ask if there is a Trader here from the Philippines? I just wanna ask some questions. Thanks!


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hi I’m from Singapore. What do you wanna ask?

Hi Charles are you a filipino?. I want to start a real account but Im lost on picking a real broker that I can trust. I want a broker that I would not have a problem on opening an account here in the Philippines or from asia. May i know what broker you use? Thanks.

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Hi I’m a Singaporean. I’m using IGmarket as they have a branch here in Singapore. There are some brokers which will match your credit when you create an account with them. I’m a former student of Kishore M and he has his affiliates/ panel brokers. Hope it helps.

my wife is filipina :smiley: She is the best woman on earth!!! We use fxopen as our broker. They are very good and I am sure you can open an account with them. They offer multiple ways to fund your account and you can open a micro account for as little as $1 usd.

Good luck my friend. I do hope you continue to post here. There are a lot of very nice helpful people. Its definitely a great place to grow as a trader.

Thanks Charles I’ll try your broker.

Hi Jhonny good to here that your wife is a filipina. Filipina are very caring and as you have said the “best women in the world”. Hehe… I ll try fxopen. I will just start with a $100 capital, is it ok?

I am also a bit confused on what is a Margin call and a rollover, I do not want to lose my money because of this. Salamat (tagalog for Thank you) hope you can help me. Regards to your wife.

i’m a filipino and i’m currently learning and trying to get use to mt4. :smiley:


I am a Filipino also and starting to trade in forex.

Margin call is the margin required to maintain your position. It is usually compared to your equity by percentage depending on your broker. It is different across broker. While rollover is the amount that will be taken from your equity at the end of the day (different across broker).


im filipino also. for anyone who wants to get in to spot gold & some forex trading. contact me here. thanks!


kumusta ang pag trading? hanggang ngayon po ba nag titrade parin kau? ako din trader, ICM Brokers naman yung broker ko…

anong broker ka pipolschamp?

i have 2. one local & overseas. MIBD ang local then IG markets in Singapore. how bout u?

Hi! I am a Filipina. My broker is AdmiralMarkets. They are licensed in the European Union and won 2012 Best of the Best FX award and 2012 Best Baltic FX Broker. They have a branch here in the Philippines and their office is located at Ayala Tower One and Exchange Plaza along Ayala Ave. in Makati. I am so happy with this broker, they offer seminars, one on one coaching and live trainings for their clients for free. Deposits and withdrawals are very fast and easy. People there are very approachable and friendly too!

Can u give the exact address & website of your broker? How thin are the spreads?

exact address: Admiral Markets Philippines 4th flr., Unit 4c, Ayala Tower One & Exchange Plaza, Ayala Ave. Makati City. (landmark is Ayala Triangle Gardens and Insular Life Building.)


Fixed spreads:
Currency pairs From 1 pip
Crude Oil contracts Only 10 pips (exclusively for Admiral Markets Customers)
Stock CFDs Floating spreads, from 1 pip
Other financial instruments Tight competitive spreads

Hi! :slight_smile:

I’m Filipina and I trade with Admiral Markets too. Very pleased with this broker. I’m still new to Forex, but I gotta say, it is NOT easy. But nothing that can’t be learned over time (I hope).

Good luck to us, Filipino traders.


I’m from Philippines, i’m from Zone Equtiy LTD, a reliable online broke, a pioneer and innovator of the retail foreign exchange industry, it has been established since 1994.

Hi ters4pio!
I have found out the Admiral Markets and I want to try this broker. I’ve learned about it from John Calub. I have no experience trading… i’m in my learning process… Can you give me contact details of the Philippine branch? I really need trainings and seminars! :slight_smile: Thanks alot!

dami pla nten mga kabayan, ask ko lng, admiral markets have fixed spreads? nagulat ako dun ah :slight_smile:

to all newbies in trading lalo na mga kababayan ko jan keep in mind it takes months or even years to establish a certain strategy in forex and i highly recommend demo demo and more more more demo… adjust the capitals to your actual number that you are planing to invest and treat it like real money… forex trading is a land of opportunity, dont going through the streak of blowing an account as a newbie (althoug ngyari na sakin un) keep in mind that its the basics that matter, go through the school of pipsology, repeat it if you have too and be wise… best of luck to all :slight_smile: