Any FX site?

Which FX site gives free money for practice?

Any recommendations?


Pretty much all the brokers out there have free demo accounts where they let you trade “fake” money in real time as if it were a live account. I learned and use fxcm for my demo learning and my live account, but i’m currently trying out oanda and fx sol… i’ll let everyone know how that goes.

Yes, please do. I would like to know which is the easiest to learn and which has a good way of presenting itself in such a way that we learn fast and we also win! :slight_smile:

Have a look at

With this company, you open a demo account AND they give you $5 in your own live account which enables you to live trade with a few cents. This will give some experience of the different feelings inside your head when playing with “fake” money in a demo account and live trading with REAL money that you are trying to grow.

For spread betting fans, BETONMARKETS gave me 10 GBP to play with in my new account which I soon traded up to 40 GBP, only to give it all back to the market! Note: spread betting is not for everyone, but worth a look.

Finally give a few dollars to get you started in your live account but only enough for a couple of trades.


It’s looks kinda interesting…to give you money to practice trading!Are those real $?

If you go with single market maker (non-ECN), the only one I have heard good things about is Oanda. They pay interest by the second, size your position 1 unit to 10mill units/trade and no dealer desk.

I think this is the way to go. Set you up an demo account with someone with good charting ( I use someone with MT4 platform) and execute on Oanda.