Any good brokers trading in Silver?

Hi all,

I am new to the forum, but it looks like a great community to ask some questions.

I want to trade Silver and I would prefer to use a Swiss broker. I was considering ACM but after reading some reviews on them I am reconsidering it.

Does anyone have any other reviews on ACM?

Could I get some advice on a good broker that does trade Silver?

Some of the things I was reading about brokers is that they can manipulate your platform and stop trades even when you have sufficient margins. This has me pretty freaked out I have an ACM practice account and I am doing good but I don’t want to lose money through manipulation, I understand I can lose money if I am on the wrong side of the trade and that I am fine with.

I would appreciate any insight on this subject.



I am very new to FX and I just opened an account with Tadawul FX, I have seen some positive feedback on a German site for it but have not checked yet if there is any feedback about them here at babypips.

However, they trade Gold, Silver and Crude Oil as well so maybe check it out and do some google research on positive/negative feedback about them.

Reason for me was that I could put on some money using Moneybookers and that they start with like $500 minimum. So far nothing I could complain about, but honestly spoken I have too less knowledge and no real experience to compare it to any other broker. :slight_smile:

Just have a look!