Any Good Price Action Teachers Out There?

Hello dears!

As some have known from some of my posts that I have been trading with great success with signals and now my own system. I am continuing in learning and know professionals only use price action trading so my question is what threads or teachers here or on the web that I can learn from? Please only I want responses from people who actually experience for themselves the teachings :slight_smile: thanks all!

Hi Samir,

I have experiences with a couple Price Action threads myself. I can recommend two good mentors: Johnathon Fox and Aaron Kruger. I’ll list you the Pros and Cons of both mentors and let you decide yourself:

  1. Johnathon Fox aka Forex School Online (FSO). Thread: Forex Price Action
    Simplistic approach
    Focus on High Probability trades
    Great videos and articles
    Many experienced seniors to help
    Supplemented by FSO public website area
    Somewhat Low RRR
    Advanced setup is off-limit for non-paying FSO member
    No Money Management from Johnathon (but he encourages the discussion between members themselves about their personal MM)
    Very strict control in his public thread
    Strategy basically fits for Swing Traders, but not Scalpers

  2. Aaron Kruger. Thread: Price Action That Matters and Price Action That Matters For Beginners
    Have 2 threads dedicated to PA Complete Newbies and PA General Members
    More encompassing approach
    Aims for very high RRR
    Money Management is discussed freely
    Supplemented with Public forum outside Babypips
    Wider possible timeframe (30 Min and beyond tf)
    Have a goal to become one stop shop for anything traders need to know about Price Action
    His strategy has Low Win Rate, can be painful in you have losing streak until the extremely high RRR trade works
    Somewhat new thread (Aaron was once active at Johnathon’s thread but then left to start his own PA thread), so some question his credibility

Hope that can help!

Hi! Thank you very much or information. It sound like you have good experience with both. My question that would be good is the proficiency you have received from these? What increase in performance you see and are you making consistent monthly gains now? Thank you again and hope to hear your responses :slight_smile: I want to make sure I do this right and need to start with someone who has someone who does well from learning from them.

Well, I’ve blown up more than dozens of account until I apply the PA as taught by Coach Johnathon himself. I’m no longer a loser, in fact, my account is now up and green. :smiley:

Yes, I’m much more consistent now with my monthly gains. I am no longer impulsive and have gained the ability to restrain myself until the best of the best setups appear (we call it A+ trade setup at FSO thread). Johnathon basically trains the traders there to be a Forex sniper. I can now accept the fact that most of the time the chart will only show you garbage anyway, so it really is up to us to wait until the A+ setup comes and take it without hesitation. :wink:

I suggest you begin with Johnathon’s thread as he really gives you a very strong basic understanding for Price Action there. Krugman’s thread is also nice, but his approach is somewhat more advanced and messy. You may need to stick to his ‘For Beginners’ thread for now.

Good luck, Samir! :slight_smile:

Check out Chris Capre too…and start with the free stuff on the thread and on his website,
pretty premium and unique approach, that most importantly works!

If you please how many months of last 6 months have you ended with profit? Thanks :slight_smile:

Around 2 months, Samir. That’s also the whole time I seriously apply FSO method to my trading. I know it’s not a very long experience, but I also aim to be consistently profitable in a long run. :smiley:

The coaches which wm247 provided are good and maybe you can look at Nial Fuller’s site. He has a site about price action and all the pro and cons about forex trading. I think he trade for like 7 or 8yrs and is pretty good. Still I don’t use price action because I don’t fit to that strategy.

Here is the link -> Nial Fuller ~ Learn To Trade | Price Action Forex Trading

Good luck and cheers!

Very good! Can you post maybe a trade you are going to make so I can see example of the analysis you learn? Maybe just a screenshot of the trade as you take and where you think it goes? This would be amazing for me to see if it looks like the style I could like :slight_smile: thanks!

I think teachers good as his students so that’s why I’m asking students here by the way :slight_smile:

I fully second that recommendation. Niall is Great, his pure approach to trading is pretty much how I trade - I like to keep things nice and clean and simple.

Hi Samir wondered if you missed this question over on the other thread &
whether you could give an answer TIA

Also there are a number of PA threads here at Babypips if you wanted to learn.

I know there seem to be many price action threads. But I want to hear from students and see which one actually makes consistent profitable traders from them. I know the information may seem “good” and if its free who can complain, but I want more then that. If I want to find piano teacher I would seek his students and ask them to perform so I can see how well they learned. All I’m trying to do hear is to see if I can find a student who is success and then choose his teacher :slight_smile:

I shall check out the question on my other thread soon too.

Thank you Samir

That a look at this AUDCHF trade:

We are clearly in a downtrend, and price has retraced back to a strong resistance line. We expect to have a short opportunity there. That opportunity came when the last bar engulfs the previous 2 bars and closes below the strong support line (my top blue line).

When that happens, I set up my pending short order. My entry is the lower red line, and my SL is the upper red line. The middle blue line is my TP1 level, and the lowest blue line is my TP2 level.

Price then moves to hit TP1 level and retraces back to retry the resistance. TP2 is never hit. But then again we have taken partial profit at TP1 and move the rest to BE, so our capital is safe and in fact we have earned some profit. :wink:

Hope that’s good enough, Samir.

Very nice! What timeframe is this chart so that I can watch it develop?

AUDCHF H4. It’s on 10/2 - 10/3 this year. :smiley:

So trade already closed??

Do you have one coming up that you can post while you make it please? I find that may be more helpful to see a live analysis when maybe outcome is still unknown.

No live analysis at this point, as I think most pair looks way too choppy now. Either that, or nothing interesting now. Like I’ve said before, most of the time what we see on the chart is garbage anyway.

BTW, I think I have told you a lot. You should really try reading the thread yourself to see whether you can fit in with the community or not. Some will enjoy the seriousness and no-nonsense attitude at Johnathon’s thread, while the others will think that his thread is really tyrannical and extremely restrictive. Also try Krugman’s to judge it yourself.


Yeh I understand :slight_smile: thanks for input. I am just taking this very seriously as I know once I start with a teacher that I can’t undo what is learnt from there. I want to make sure the students (at least one) can show proficiency in making a trade after receiving teaching before I jump in wholeheartedly. I think a live trade or two can make up my mind as to which analysis I can benefit from. I think reading the material that at first it seems good but I need to know it lead to results and only way to know is if someone who is taught by them show me :slight_smile: I think it will help others in my situation.

So maybe when you make your next trade hopefully you remember me and want to post it here as you make it so I can see and maybe follow Krugman too :slight_smile:



Checkout this thread, and see if it’s what you’re looking for: 301 Moved Permanently