Any good trading terminals?

Does anyone use any good trading terminals for data, news, and general market information? I’ve been using PMT for a while but it’s mainly focused on forex. I know there are some alternatives such as Benzinga,, etc. Has anyone tried them out?

PS: don’t mention Bloomberg or Refinitiv (they are way out of my budget :sweat_smile:)

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Does TradingView fall into this category of tools?

I just made myself an account on TradingView but haven’t really looked into using it yet as it keeps asking me to subscribe to a monthly payment.

Do you know if you can do analysis on TradingView for free or do you need to pay?

Of course you can do analysis on TradingView without any charges. The pro version is just an upgrade for professionals some of which includes multi charts & multi indicators etc


Well I meant more of a platform in terms for economic reports, news and other metrics such as targets, etc. Sure, TradingView falls into this category, but I see TV more of a charting tool.

eSignal is usually a fully featured platform, like a mini bloomberg especially if you get it with Elliott Wave, the people I know were going to create a full platform with HFT but in the end the monthly fee would be too low to justify it, so we stayed with just charting, algos, hft, and trade analysis.

Just took a peeked into eSignal but it’s somehow confusing. From what I was a able to understand it’s just an alternative for charting and so on, right?

the bad news is that what you can do on the free version is very limited (e.g. to 3 indicators, and you have to pay something to get rid of the unending pop-ups - there are 3 different paid membership-levels depending on what you want)

the better news is that you can get the whole thing, free, with no pop-ups, the top-level of the 3 paid ones, with everything, just by opening a demo account at Oanda and using what they call “advanced charting”, which is a white-label version of TV - and the demo account never expires :sunglasses:

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Hello Oanda, my new friend!

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Correct, and quite expensive but the Get version is worth it with the training, you need to understand everything in life is discounted by 250x.

Meaning if you find something that works, which is incredibly rare, and pay $100 it’s worth $25,000, what you will find is that most are worth 40c, esignal is probably worth what you pay for it.

Not sure how this answer is helpful…

Your reply doesn’t really explain anything of value… How does eSignal bring value other than charting which I get from TradingView? Anyways, It seems like I’ll be sticking with PMT for now!

none of his posts does, really - as you can see from his profile-link, he’s here purely for self-promotional purposes (and most of his posts are such nonsense that many longstanding members have him on permanent “ignore” in their settings)

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That’s because is wasn’t an answer! If you read the thread you’ll see that this was a response to the previous post by flamingoproxy.

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Oh yea, good point! I know you lose out some a lot of the tool bar options, but if you’re just getting started with it, the “free” Oanda version works great! Oanda also has a desktop app that I use.

Do these terminals have more going on that the above? I’m more familiar with charting tools.

Yes. although most of them offer charting tools they contain much more. I value the bank reports they publish as well as real-time news ticker, historical macro data, as well as institutional and retail positioning and other special indicators. All of these are tools I use as a fundamental analysis trader. In terms of charting I still use TV though, but I cannot do with only that.

What kind of data does this provide you? Like net long/short by pair?

Yep. They’re a few more things but I mostly look at that for the retail traders data. This is the retail positioning for GBPAUD currently.