Any good trading videos out there 2018? Preferably free

Did a forum search and came up with a lot of results, but nothing g recent. I know a lot of traders are heading to Youtube and the like. Any recommendations? Want to see if the video learning adds anything to my learning process. Reading is fine and all, but words and words and more words can get a bit… boring. Anybody feel the same?

Anyway, muchos gracias for any resources you can offer.

@PipMeHappy, you came up in the search results a lot, from years back. You still doing videos of any kind?

hello mtb_rex.

I stopped making videos on my Youtube channel but did a few for a website called the FX Set in the last year, though we just decided to stop that project because the owner and I have busy lives.


I watch Rayner Teo on Youtube. Great on technique.

Also for super-brief daily/weekly market TA. DailyFX for in-depth TA and fundamentals.

I agree with the Rayner Teo recommendation.
You can also check out the JFD Brokers channel on YT - there are some interesting webinars from Stefan Friedrichowski (not sure i wrote that correctly). He’s an interesting fella, very knowledgeable. The vids are mostly in German but there are some useful ones in English too.

Have you checked on TradingView?

Proact traders have some great videos on their channel.

2 of the most useful ones there for me… Trade the wide open spaces and find the big boy targets.

titles may sound silly but it was very informative!


@PipMeHappy Ah that’s too bad. If your recent videos are still available, I’ll give them a look over. Thanks!

@tommor, thanks for those suggestions! And I do in fact read DailyFX and the economic recaps and weekly forecasts here on Babypips for review and preparation. Thanks!

@bradley79. Thanks for those. German might be a little tough for me, haha, but I give the English ones a look over. And TV is already a go-to for me. Love the techincal data points, but also the Ideas section. Always interesting to go back to trade ideas from the other week to see how the trades did. The feature where the charts update with the markup from a prior time period is a really cool feature. Gives you a better sense of how accurate some of these traders and analyst really are (and aren’t). I just started using their Forex Scanner/Screener tool to help identify some potential trades.

@frandlost Yea, funny titles. I’ll check those out. Thanks!

The website is down at the moment so…nothing there. Sorry.