Any good Youtubers to learn off?

Can anyone suggest any forex youtubers to learn basic swing trading for a beginner? Already done the babypips course.


There are so many to pick from that you’d have to be a fully proficient swing trader already to make a selection.

You could search for authors who have actually had a book published and made some sales of their books. At least then you’d be reasonably confident its not just somebody whose only skill is self-publicity through Youtube.

Well known authors on this wold be -
Alan Farley
Marc Rivalland
Omar Bassal
plus anothy 2 dozen maybe.

Read reviews of their books then search for clips on their methodologies.


I like trading empowerment and akil stokes

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Hi total newbie but find Trading 212 David Jones excellent.

Thanks for finishing preschool level , I request go through pips school minimum 2-3 times that can make you a knowledgeable trader as a beginner level.

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I like The Lazy Trader, he has his own website (even has a Wiki entry!), and doesn’t post too many videos to YouTube (he makes a lot of videos on his website but I imagine that you have to subscribe to access them, it is a business after all), but he properly knows his eggs so his YouTube videos are worth a watch.


What’s the YouTube channel name of Alan Farlry?



he is awesome


I was thinking Logan Paul would be better to learn forex off. What you think?

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Forex is one of the largest financial markets around the world And since forex is becoming very popular now, various learning tools are here to help the new babies to learn the basics of forex trading. Video tutorials, forex e-book, You tube tutorials, online training courses, etc. Neil Fuller is the You Tuber that I desire most, he is offering various video tutorials on very relevant topics of forex trading.

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no, pewdiepie teaches you all

Yes so many resources are available in Online to learn Forex in a proper way. But in spite of having these trading can be valueless if there is not much practice. Success in Forex is completely depends on learning and practicing. So, besides learning we have to emphasis on regular practice session, otherwise good result will not come out at all.

ClayTrader (general/unspecific trading content), Tradeciety, Forex Signals TV.

my bet is on jake paul

Yes there are quite a lot of sources to learn about the forex market including youtue. You will find the courses in different languages as well. You can subscribe the channels on the Youtube as different experienced traders upload videos on their channels on regular basis.

I kind of like Wayne Mcdonell’s videos. I don’t really endorse him, but I like his use of moving averages and indicators(stochastic,MacD.) I’ve been at this game a long time, and I am really finding out that FX is not like stocks or even futures. I like the Wyckoff method, but in Forex charts Accumulation and distribution happen so much that indicators, especially moving averages are very helpful. Wyckoff teaches price movement without indicators, but lately in the last few years accumulated volume has come to be the best indicator, (David Weiss) volume that is, unless he has come up with an indicator for FX on a platform besides the one he usually uses, not sure which one that is. I know it didn’t use to work on MT4 but it may be different now. Wyckoff’s methods were popular with railroad stocks of the past, it may be hard to make a comparison with that and FX, though many traders say there is no difference. Still you can easily find accumulation and distribution in FX but to find classic Wyckoff signals it doesn’t happen all the time, because markets don’t always move in linear trends. But there are so many different ways to trade the markets, so many different methods, you have to find yours and a little practice and searching will take you there eventually! I use fundamentals a lot and I mention Wayne Mcdonells videos because his use of moving averages mimics my fundamental approach. Still i would like some of these pro traders to show me there money making results, as I have not seen any proof, but I have heard there are Traders who have gotten rich in FX, I know this to be true, but who and where are they. No I am not one, haven’t made a dime!

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Alot to take in there but il start my research. Appreciate the answer.

Sorry, don’t mean to confuse you. I was trying to make a comparison between Stock charts and FX charts. Meaning I believe there is a difference. And you were asking about which videos someone would recommend. I lean toward fundamentals in FX and use price action a lot. But lately I have watched Wayne McDonnell videos (Youtube), and even though I have a close trading style with Wayne, I like his use of the moving averages, and I think his videos are worth checking out. My research has shown me that Moving averages have the highest percentage of win rates over any other indicator. I never really looked at that as true or not, but after watching some of Waynes videos, and his use of moving averages it made since to me. For one thing from a fundamental view the markets are going to move in one way or the other. Either sideways, up or down. In fundamental analysis you believe that the fundamentals affect the markets movement. To a large degree, though there are many factors involved fundamentals have a big impact on FX. So to make a long story short, the moving averages even though they are indicative of past movement they do show for the most part the movement of the market. Look at FX charts and check out the moving averages against price movement. Most of the time they follow the trend. There are times when they don’t, but most of the time they do. So to me the moving averages are the best representation of market direction. Fundamentally and Technically. Waynes methods to me explain this well, but you can learn this on Babypips also, as I use Babypips myself. Check it out.

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It’s better and easier to search some specific information with a search bar. You’d like to find a webinar or a lesson on a particular topic, search this way. You’ll save a lot of time.

Cory Mitchel - Vantage point trading. Former prop trader. Straight forward technical trader and his cheap ebook has more valuable info than the $3500 “course” I got suckered into by someone else.