Any hope for finding a reliable broker

Is there hope to find a good broker, I’m being discouraged about forex trading ?


Hellooo! :blush: I think there are still good brokers out there. You might want to check out this thread to see the regulated ones. :open_mouth: I would definitely recommend going for a regulated broker.

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I also agree with you, rose. Regulated brokers are best in terms of security.

There are also many offshore brokers that provide lucrative facilities. Just select a broker which has a long history in the market.

Who have you tried so far? What has been the problem/s?

I haven’t experienced too many drastic problems with any and I have used a few

A bad trading experience with different brokers can discourage anyone which makes it really important to select a good broker. I have been using coinexx for over 2 years and am satisfied so far.

There are still some good brokers around. You might want to look at this thread to see which ones are best.

Check out the Forex Brokers lesson in the School of Pipsology. You’ll learn the guidelines on how to choose a reliable broker.

Good luck. Hope you’ll find one that suits your needs!

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the best broker is a broker which for al time make sure security of funds with a wide range of trading technologies , and generally good brokers dont restrict any kinds of trading technique.

right now most of the brokers dont allow scalping and hedging in their trading platform, for that reason we the traders who are beginners fall a great trouble when choosing a broker.

according to me, we the traders should choose the broker which is more appropriate to the concept of trading that will be used , if love doing scalping should choose the broker which allows trading concept such as this.

Whether you go regulated or unregulated just ensure they are of good standing and have a good history and review from a wide variety of sources. I use both regulated and unreglated deepending on what I am trading. In my experience I have found IG, IC Markets, EagleFX and CedarFX to be reliable but as I mention make sure you do your research and find what best suits your needs. There are a good number of decent threads on this forum listing trusted brokers.

so many regulated trading brokers i found which cheat with their clients , before choosing a broker we the traders have to make sure real review by Forex Pace Army

you could not found at any good broker without passing a long time in ForexfaceArmy where all the traders express their views about their broker performance. its really trustable from all in online.

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Please send me the link for this forexfacearmy . thank you

search on google , i hope you will find that , this forum not supports to share any kind of link , sorry and thank you .

Of course, you will be able to! Don’t lose hope. Not sure what your previous experience has been but I strongly believe that if you search for a broker on the basis of your trading needs, you will never make a wrong choice.

Is there something specific that you are looking for in your broker?

Finding a good broker becomes easy when you know what you are looking for. Otherwise, you might end up making the wrong choice.

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Agreed, should look for needs, everyone has different according to trading styles.