Any local Portland traders?! (OR)

Insomnia, i think.

where abouts ?

Sin ga pore

Lol the trading hub of Asia… OK I will definitely get this set up…looking forward to it

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Hello everyone, @Simeonquant invited me to this topic to introduce myself. I am a finance student and forex newbie. I really want to learn more about trading as a whole, but I am really interested in emerging markets specifically in Latin America. I’m tackling that angle right now, but I just want to grow as a trader.

As long as there are no pop quizzes to put me on the spot I’m down :rofl:

@cowboycoward @ponponwei

Great Im trying to set one up for tomorrow or the day after… Are you guys based on EST time ?

@Simeonquant I live in CST

@ponponwei @justshell @merullo4 @alphahavoc @cowboycoward

Im going to give the first run of the idea today at 12PM or 1PM EST. Hope you guys can join me. It will be great to share advise and just understand what you are looking to achieve while providing insight and best practices.

Hey! My apologies ! I completely forgot about the call yesterday. I was home and everything smh. But, I’m in the office today, so I cant hop on any calls until after 5pm EST…how about we start this weekend? I don’t work weekends so I’m free any time Friday after 5 - til Sunday night. We all can look at some setups for next week!

@justshell no worries

Yeah I think I will run one on Friday and Saturday…So guys let me know what days you want to do

I know @alphahavoc is going to join me Friday

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Ok great! Just let me know when you want to schedule the call

Where is the webinar held? Youtube or ? You will post the link?

Yeah will email you …

Hi, I’m tchifrank and I’m totally new to these, can’t separate my left from right and I need serious guardians