Any local Portland traders?! (OR)

I’ve slowly been teaching myself how to trade, and I just can’t seem to get comfortable translating it to the actual market. I can watch videos all day long but I was hoping to find a local tribe to possibly get some hands-on learning and conversation going to help one another out. Is anyone local and interested?

good luck finding people in portland on here. I still have yet to meet anyone on here that’s in Maryland, or the DMV area lol might be easier to find people locally on Facebook

@merullo4 @justshell To be honest with you guys we live in a global world now so the point of the forum is to connect with people from everywhere…You need to leverage the full power of the internet we have skype and slack and whatssapp

that’s true. I’m in a trading group right now with people all over the US mostly, a few other countries also. We have webinars all the time. But, sometimes it would be nice to physically meet up with a group locally you know? lol

Have you tried

I know what you mean

But you would be surprised how spread out a top banks company is. They are some employees that never meet each other .

I had that app, and there was actually a local trading group in my area, but they were with IML -_-

lol good choice in not attending

Eventbrite for Organisers | Packages for Any Size Event | Eventbrite you can try here

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Thank you! I appreciate the effort in finding another source. I think the use of the internet to connect with people around the world is amazing, and I’m so for it. I know there are so many options out there to get connected with other traders, however, just knowing my learning style I hope to find at least one person to be around physically to learn from and have a verbal discussion.

Do you have any suggestions for free online groups I can get involved with too?

I love that site! and that’s a good idea. I might try to organize an event, but I feel like it might attract people that are brand new and I don’t need that lol I’ll keep on searching!

Then lets do a webimar here advertise we can get 3-4 newbies and 3-4 experienced a babypips zoom call lol

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man hell yea, I’m down with that lol! i’m always home on the charts if I’m not at work

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@Simeonquant I’d be down for something like that, however, I have to admit I’m a total newbie and don’t know how much value I’d bring to the session. If thats ok, I’d love to know the details on how to join in! :slight_smile:

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Feel free to type your question. I will show you the way by typing back. I can’t help you if you have no question to ask.

@merullo4 @justshell

That’s great news…this is an idea I just cooked up lol @merullo4 still working out the details maybe we should start a slack group untill we can work out times because I’m guessing we are all in different timezones… Im in London

It’s more about learning and self development… From my perspective I would love to know retailers goals and aproach because I come from an institutional background

I’m down with that. I’m in the US, east coast…so it’s almost 2pm here. I’m sure we can figure something out

It is 2am for me.

damn! lol you’re in Asia?

Yes i am! :expressionless:

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what you doing up right now, get some sleep! LOL but I’ve seen you’re journal on here and it’s pretty nice. Would love for you to join in on sessions when you can, whenever @Simeonquant sets it up lol

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