Any particular skill or hobby you've always wanted to learn but haven't had the opportunity to pursue?

What’s that one skill or hobby that have been patiently waiting in your bucket list but hasn’t found its way into your busy life. What’s holding you back from pursuing this?

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I couldn’t register for most of local Tennis competitions due to not enough money. I should resume back by year ending if nature permits.

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Play guitar - I’ve bought a few over the years - just don’t seem to have the confidence to even start ! :roll_eyes:


Alchemy, after all, who doesn’t love gold :kissing_heart:

I try again and again to become a great chess player. Its so hard.

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Ooh do you watch the chess streamers?

If only I had time.

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I would like to learn how to dance. I’m so uncoordinated it’ll probably take 2 years for me to learn basic steps. I feel like to make progress I’ll def need to devote consistent practice to it.

Also wanted to learn another language and I’m slowly doing that kind of. I just got Duolingo :sweat_smile:

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Stay positive and motivated! Let’s hope that you’ll be swinging those rackets soon!

I also bought a guitar back in college, all excited to learn and strum away. After giving it a try, I realized that it just wasn’t my thing. :sweat_smile:

The fact that you’re continuously trying is already a great accomplishment! You’ve got this!

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You’re not alone in being a bit uncoordinated. I can’t even do a simple tiktok dance challenge. :laughing:

That’s great! Which language are you currently studying?

Español! I tried Japanese but it was far too complicated for me.

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A long time ago I developed an interest in circuit bending. It’s taking an electronic device (usually musical) and re-wiring it to make altered/custom sounds.

I developed this interest at a time when I hadn’t developed perseverance yet. This is a very experimental, fun activity.
You buy (or find in the garbage) a device, and open it up.

And you move wires around and add different components.

Usually the devices are battery-powered for safety reasons. But, if you’re good and get confident that your abomination is safe, you add an A/C power source.

It’s so cool because you can learn schematics and bread boards, and circuitry.
It’s a hobby with no end in sight.

I’ve seen pics of people circuit bending a vacuum! haha The possibilities are endless.

I’d be thrilled to give this another shot!


Another hobby I would like to delve into is fixing cars. I’ve done some minor repairs in the past, but nothing deeper than that. Brakes, ball joint, catalytic converter…

I never changed any belts or did anything with the motor.

I’d like to be a guy who can listen to the car and get an idea of what the problem could be. Like this guy.

But, right now, I’m this guy.

A really cool project would be to get a junk car from the junk yard and bring it back to life. Imagine the feeling of accomplishment when you start the engine and it actually turns over! Then taking it out on the road, and everything works smoothly!


Doing the math for the correct components looks like a fun challenge.

But besides from being a hobby, it’s a very practical skill.

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That’s interesting - from yr Avatar and title - I’d got the impression you were a “Cheerleader” type lady - my little brother and his first wife took dancing lessons and got to be very good - they used to regularly win Jive competitions - Little bro still has problems because of this - because his presenr wife is insanely jealous he actually had a life before her - one she cannot compete with ! :rofl:

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Mate - just try it ! - The feeling when you get a petrol engine running is great - doesn’t even have to be a car - old lawnmower is great to practice on - then the same feeling applies when you get a dead TV springing into life - or a dead laptop ! - and there can be a few £’s in it too ! :slightly_smiling_face:


You’re right! I’ve done some repairs in my life. I’ve fixed an audio speaker; recently I changed my iphone battery and repaired a lawn mower.(I took the carborator apart and realized a loose hose behind the carborator was the problem.) The smell of petrol is so masculine. I feel more masculine with the smell of petrol than cologne. haha

I’ve done some electric and plumbing repairs around the house. But I’ve never gone deep into cars. Just some light stuff.

I’d love to have a reason to buy a cherry picker.

This is something I haven’t done yet either. Building a computer would be fun, too.
@Falstaff Do you like doing repairs?

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Or you can just two step around the house. You don’t have to be graceful. Just keep it simple and have fun! The best thing to do while moving to music is SMILING!

Oh trust me, I won’t be even if I tried :joy: i’ve done some Zumba classes at some point and they’re fun not that I can follow the instructor lol

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