Any particular skill or hobby you've always wanted to learn but haven't had the opportunity to pursue?

What’s that one skill or hobby that have been patiently waiting in your bucket list but hasn’t found its way into your busy life. What’s holding you back from pursuing this?

I couldn’t register for most of local Tennis competitions due to not enough money. I should resume back by year ending if nature permits.

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Play guitar - I’ve bought a few over the years - just don’t seem to have the confidence to even start ! :roll_eyes:

Alchemy, after all, who doesn’t love gold :kissing_heart:

I try again and again to become a great chess player. Its so hard.

Ooh do you watch the chess streamers?

If only I had time.

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I would like to learn how to dance. I’m so uncoordinated it’ll probably take 2 years for me to learn basic steps. I feel like to make progress I’ll def need to devote consistent practice to it.

Also wanted to learn another language and I’m slowly doing that kind of. I just got Duolingo :sweat_smile:

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Stay positive and motivated! Let’s hope that you’ll be swinging those rackets soon!

I also bought a guitar back in college, all excited to learn and strum away. After giving it a try, I realized that it just wasn’t my thing. :sweat_smile:

The fact that you’re continuously trying is already a great accomplishment! You’ve got this!

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You’re not alone in being a bit uncoordinated. I can’t even do a simple tiktok dance challenge. :laughing:

That’s great! Which language are you currently studying?

Español! I tried Japanese but it was far too complicated for me.