Any Rockzfx Academy students here?

Another interesting channel ive found is DarkHorseFx on youtube. Its run by two english guys, they use a simple break and retest strategy, and use the 50 EMA and FIB for extra confluence. They also have videos showing how they used this strategy to pass the FTMO challenge.
They are marketing their course on the fact that they teach you how to pass the challenge.

@tradeforex077 Would be good to hear your opinion :+1:

yeh I watched dark horse fx videos. I mean they’re about as basic as they come lol. Break and retest and theyve added ema and fibs. They have nothing new. The strategy is over done. Its BS, this is not a strategy to sell, there nothing further to add that you cant get for free.

Having said that, theres a few things I liked about them. They themselves say it’s a very simple strategy and if the risk reward is good then you can be profitable. The course is only 100 quid, which is really cheap compared to others. Nick shawn charges $1000 to teach the same BS… So I dont think theyre trying to fleece everyone because they wont make much at that price. But it’s not the course you pay for, I’d say you pay for their group and them calling out the trades they take. It’s all pending orders so no getting in late.

I would even consider joining them as I spent that much on takeaways in a few weeks. And this is a lifetime membership. I wouldnt see it as paying for the course but more to be in a group all looking for the same setups. So if you’re busy and someone finds a setup, you can quickly have a look and if it looks good put a order in. Price wise they’re really good but aint sure about the content yet.

Just watched this video, must be dying to sell courses?

Also surely he can mention that it was the FTMO challenge?

Yeah it’s obvious. That’s just weird. This is why I say hes not as transparent as I’d like. A few things here and there just dont make sense. Anyway the student himself says his strategy was too complicated and he changed it and traded that way. So it’s not his strategy that caused any profitability. Secondly a million in what did he say a week?! With 1% risk. Lol! I would take that with a pinch of salt. Once again doesnt quite add up. Also when he was asked what he would do with the profits, he gave a strange answer.

Cant be arsed watchin it again but im sure he said he passed the challenge (10%) in one day.

I cant even find the video on youtube. Has it been taken down?

yess, he was lying so Rockz deleted the video.

On hindsight the 10% target in one day is possible, the guy could be telling the truth.