Any Rockzfx Academy students here?


I’m approaching the end of the babypips education and looking for a next step, could anyone advise?

I’ve done ALOT of research into online courses, ‘mentors’, further free education via social media/google/books/etc and after many hours of due diligence I am now leaning towards paying to join the Rockzfx Academy (UK based if that matters to anyone else?).

But before diving in, I wanted to ask if there were any Rockzfx students on here and what their thoughts were? Any testimonials? General experiences?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance,

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Hey man, I would hold fire for now. I’ve just watched one of his videos because it was recommended on a different thread and I’m not sure about him. Hes from the uk aswell but I’m not sure who he has learnt from.

Can I ask why after all your research you leaned towards him. I’m assuming you have done the babpips course, put it into practice on a demo and watched other videos online about trading concepts and strategies. What did you see that you thought you could learn from him to be consistently profitable?

I’d also advise you to watch his YouTube video: testing my new strategy: gbpusd- epic results. When you watch it think about what you have learnt and read. Then listen and watch what he does and see if it makes sense to you and whether you would be able to consistently trade like that. After that, read my review of what I thought.


Ive just watched that video, it looks very similair to Nick Shawns videos… structure break/retest, move stop to breakeven after crossing 1:1RR, using the H4 and H1 charts and even the monotone candles.

To be honest this is the way I have been backtesting.

Ive got a question for you guys that are more experienced. What would be reliable for an added confluence to filter out losing trades and increase probability? Obviously after defining the trend. Im thinking one or more of these…

  1. News Avoidance.
  2. Fibonacci on the H4 to allow less trades but more probability.
  3. EMA bounce on or very near the retest (or VWMA as someone else suggested)
  4. Oscillator (eg RSI Overbought/Sold on the retest).


Break and retest is a price action strategy so I’m not sure if indicators will help you. I guess you could use them as extra confluence but you’ll miss trades because the MA may not catch up with the retest or the retest wont become OB/OS. Trust me it looks good on video or with cherry picked trades. In reality, most people cant do it because it requires patience and discipline waiting for the setup. If your trading psychology is good and you’re aware when your state shifts then you got a chance.

If you want to increase probability then instead of adding things you should probably do less. So only take clear cut trades that fit your criteria. Look for clear consolidation and then an impulsive break. Look for clear rejection off the line or zone whatever you draw.

If you’ve been backtesting the way he did in that video then it means it’s super discretionary. You wont have consistent results. A few losers in a row and you’ll be looking for the next indicator to add in. I’m sure hes a nice guy and can motivate you, say some inspiring things but trading like that, I’m not sure. Nick shawn is much clearer. Watch any of his recap or analysis videos, he shows clearly how he trades and it is repeatable.

Sorry I actualy ment im backtesting break and retest, but not particularly like rockzfx, I only just saw the video yesterday. Ive been doing more like Nick Shawn and the guy from TechnicalFx.

Yeah your probably right about the indicators, but I will compare the winners and losers with extra confluence and see what the differences are, shouldnt hurt.

In my journal I can add in the other confluences, then at the end of the year see how much of an effect they had.

Yeah definitely test it, you may come up with something. Can I ask for an example of a typical trade maybe in the last week or so that you wouldve taken or back tested?

Im backtesting just now so will try and show an example trade in a wee bit. :+1:

EURUSD 14/3/2018

Price has retested a level on H4, Also at 31.8 Fib, Also 20 EMA agrees.

Waited for rejection on H1 then entered a long position. 1:1RR @ 1%Risk. (at 1:1 take half off and move stop to B/E, then look for higher target.)

Stopped out for 1% loss.

To be honest this was my first trade today backtesting, think I rushed in a bit. Just an example of what ive been doing though.
Any advice or criticism would be appreciated.

Sh!t level now that I see it.

Thanks @tradeforex077

I’m leaning towards Rockzfx because I like the simplicity he teaches, and also trading using price action strategies. But still very much open to suggestion at this point in time!

I saw you mentioned Nick Shawn in a recent post too. Funnily enough his Mission FX was a close second and I closely follow his YouTube channel. I guess the reason I leaned more towards Rockzfx is because its cheaper, and UK based - so in my mind I would be able to tune into live community calls(etc) easier and not miss out on any.

Have you experience with Mission FX or would recommend over others? From what I can see its a similar price action strategy (as you mentioned) and so wonder if there is any difference?

I haven’t actually heard of TechnicalFX and so will look into that, many thanks to @Paulscaff1 for the suggestion.

Yeah TechnicalFx is UK based, loads of free videos on youtube, the guy seems sound, just a monthly payment if you want to pay for his stuff, if you just want his course then you can pay one payment, watch all the vids, then unsubscibe.

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No experience with any educators mate, apart from watching there free videos.

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Sorry mate I was wrong about that, its a monthly subscription to be a member, but its a one off payment for the course. Looks good though

This is the problem with these ‘mentors’. They teach the same thing but they don’t really have a deeper understanding of what they’re teaching. Its basic price action. So it looks great on charts and hindsight. Yeah as you’ve already said the level was incorrect. It was not a trade you shouldve taken. But could you see lthat before you took it? I wonder if you took the same setup later on when it worked out lol. Have you found a perfect trade that fits your trade criteria?

Yeah I did question it at the start, I caught an eyeshot of the price testing the zone so jumped in, tbh the market was ranging on the D1/H4. So should have just waited. Price did breakout of the range into a downtrend and got two winners. Just need to be more patient and wait for better setups, but all part of the process.

Ive only watched one video of rockzfx but from what I’ve seen nick uses only break and retest. Whereas rockz uses break and retest and support resistance rejections, maybe more. The one thing I would say is I heard an interview where it mentioned nick used to trade divergence and elliot wave theory in 2018 then changed to higher timeframe break and retest. Also rockz is always releasing 'new material’s eg masterclass 2.0 and now masterclass 3 0 where hes actually using 15 minute or even 5 minute entries. I am a bit concerned that hes changing his strategy so often. I wonder if it’s so people have more videos to watch and therefore keep paying the monthly subscription, I dont know.

However, I understand its easier to just pay and do a course rather than read books and do your own research. The good thing is hes only 79 quid per month. Its not expensive. These days you can find most courses for free on google but I dont think you can make money from doing his course. Maybe being part of the community or seeing his analysis may help.
If you make money from his daily or weekly analysis then that could pay for the next month.

Yeah Nick has done two interviews on the Trading Nut podcast, thats where I found out about him and then Momo. Its funny though he makes his analysis and trading look so simplified that I wonder whats the point in paying $1000+ for his course… but theres probably more too it than that, or maybe its more about his community?

@tradeforex077 have you had a look at James at TechnicalFx videos? he does simple break and retest, he waits patiently and only ends up taking about 2-3 trades per week, hes got a more professional attitude aswell which I like.

I might be digressing with this question, but did you use the break and retest strategy for your FTMO challenge? And will you be taking the challenge again?


This is a good Technical Fx video.
Its actually mentioned in the comments of people moving from RockzFx over to him.

The “Structcha” Trader

Yeah this guy is more consistent from this video. Looks like he only trades break and retest so hes a lot more focused. His wording is a little off. He uses the word structure to explain where there is no trade. But consolidation is structure. What he means is theres no trend. Atleast he explained to look for a trend first.

Few things. Theres a point where he says theres no trade when price couldve retested and gone long he puts a cross through it. But how did he know there was no trade? Further on, he mentions the hour timeframe might have got him into a trade on a downtrend. But on that, the hour might have got him into that earlier trade where he put a cross through. What he shouldve said was the hour might’ve showed wicks and you wouldve been stopped out. This is where a lot of these ‘educators’ drop the ball and either they dont really trade or are trying to impress with hindsight. When you watch lots of these videos you see its all the same material but some people use different words or tricks to differentiate themselves. Also, he only analysed to nov 2019 but he posted the video june 2020. That doesnt make sense so doesnt sit right with me. Unfortunately he doesnt teach the strategy on his monthly subscription. Lol, i’m sure it’s nothing new so he knows once we’ve seen it no one would re subscribe again. You’ve done the backtesting so if you made a video you could easily explain away the losses and make the winners look good.

His video is better than rockzfx. You learn more from him but you would need to watch more to work out what his strategy is because he only went through the 4hr chart. Generally, itll either be 1hr zone rejections, looking for lower lows, reversal patterns etc.

Nah I didn’t use break retest, it sets up slowly and needs a trending market. I dont really have the patience. The rules and mt4 take a bit of time getting used to. So when I work them out I’ll give it another shot.

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