Any strategy to profiting in Binary Options?

When I tried to earn money due to binary options I personally didn’t use any strategy :smiley: It was so weird, because I udnerstood that I required a strategy but at the same time I was a bit successful without this strategy. I didn’t know what to do, but I should warn you that trading without strategy might lead to unpleasant consequences, hence you have to creater a special one in order to avoid the huge mistakes.

Try to combine various indicators or just pay attention to trends and zones of support and resistance. In fact, binaries are the same to forex, the only distinguishing trait is the mechanism.

I have strategy for closeoption and I can share it if you want

i want it !!!

here is a strategy for you: Use technical analysis tools like moving averages, trendlines, or indicators like the Relative Strength Index (RSI) to identify the current trend. Look for sustained upward (bullish) or downward (bearish) movements.

Best strategy that has worked for me , buy the lows and sell the highs, MACD indicator also helps me to choose how long I should stake for.