Any strategy to profiting in Binary Options?

Opened an account with, made 50% in a few hours, then got wiped out the next day.
Is there really a trading strategy to engage in binary options?
And pls what other platform is good to trade binary options?
P.S: I’m still a newbie.

I don’t understand why you got wiped out the next day? I never lose more than $25 on any losing trade ever. That is key, LIMIT your losses, and you will make money.

I have coded a strategy in an indicator and it’s working good for me, I have done this because I cannot stay all the time in front of the MT4, so I made an indicator with alerts. PM me if you want to know more :slight_smile:


Help out with options strategy and indicator settings

Frankly, I don’t think anyone can offer you any. Binary options are simply not a profitable instrument (on a regular basis, that is), even if you are trading with a legitimate company and not a scammer, which are absolutely rampant in this industry.

According to official ASIC (that is the Australian financial regulator) statistics, 80% of binary options traders lose money. In comparison, 63% of Forex traders lose money.

I generally don’t recommend binary options trading.

Hi @goldfisher, do you trade by yourself or you have an account manager? Honestly, I’m not surprised because binary options do not have a good reputation at all. Most binary brokers are scammers and the scheme is always the same. Initially, you start making very high (unbelievable) profits and then when you try to withdraw, the account manager calls you and convinces you that now it’s not a “good time” to do that. They even make you invest more but if you insist on making the withdrawal, while you are waiting, something “unexpected” happens and your account is completely wiped out. Be careful about this, there are many discussions on the matter here in the forum, you should take a look.

I don’t think this happened just because their strategy to rip you off, probably there is something wrong with your strategy. Seems like you didn’t learn enough about the process before created your account, and this is very this loss is coming from. I would just take this opportunity to analyze the situation.

With options that expire in the short-term one must trade very sparingly to succeed more.

I’m interested in your coded indicator please

I am also interested in your strategy

don’t over trading… thats it