Any traders in the Philippines?

Mga parekoy, bossing, kabayan, bai, migo, bagay, pengyu! Anyone here from the Philippines? Would love to meetup with fellow Pinoy forex traders.


Try @PipNRoll she is from the Philippines

Quezon City pards. I’m doing very well this past month. I’ve a thread over on the trading journal section if you care to take a look :slight_smile:

Interesting. My good friends live in Philippines, unfortunately they are not traders. Most of them are in Zamboanga del Sur, Ilonios, are you near to those places?

And I wonder how many people in Philippines trade forex?

I wonder the same. No, that’s pretty far from where I live.

@GilasTrading saw your trading journal and journey from 3k usd to 5 digits. Do you have a mentorship program? Hahaha

Baguio City ako, mga kabayan. :slight_smile:

Mga kabayan kamusta?
Have a question… anyone tried broker I cannot deposit funds from my bank account :frowning: . Wondering if local banks allow fx trading??

Would like to have a meetup in Metro Manila this December for traders. Anyone interested?