Any UK traders do matched betting?

Hi guys,

I’m at the very beginning of my Forex journey, and hope one day to be able to trade forex full time for a living.

At the moment I have to work full time, but I’ve built a pretty nice side pot of money to use for my Forex efforts once I have taken the time to learn a lot more about it and am ready to trade for real.

I’ve built the money up to invest in forex by doing matched betting. I started doing it in March this year, and am still actively doing it, and will probably continue to do so for a fair few years to come.

I plan to use the matched betting side of things to give me a guaranteed ‘x amount’ of profit every day, so when I come to start trading, I already have the mind set of being in profit for the day, even if it’s just to the tune of say £30-£50. I think this should have a positive effect on my trading, but I suppose I’ll only know for sure when I get started trading with real money.

So have we got any other UK traders who do a bit of matched betting on the forum too?

Hi pipatron,

Been on the steep Forex learning curve for a couple of years now, joined this forum just over a year ago and it has been a massive help. Have you done the school of pipsology yet? That’s a great place to get you started.

I’ve been doing matched betting myself for over a year now too, started doing it properly in around September 2014 and have managed to grow it to the point where it makes almost half as much as running my business does, which is something I could never have imagined when I first learnt about it!

Like you I intend to carry on with the matched betting on the side as for the little time it takes every day it’s a great source of some risk free profits to bolster the trading fund. What matched betting site are you a member of?

As much as I don’t want to, I’m taking a long break from all work in December, which includes matched betting, as I’ve worked my ar*e off this year and am going to enjoy the festive season and get back on it in the new year nice and refreshed. :slight_smile:

I say as much as I don’t want to because the month of December last year was a really crazy month for reload offers on the matched betting front, one of the best months I ever had profit wise. If this is your first time matched betting in run up to xmas then enjoy it because the betting sites go crazy with the promos, plenty free money to be had.

Hi buddy,

Yeah I’ve gone through the school on here and it was exactly what I needed. Still got to learn a lot about each module but you can’t really ask for a better introduction to forex than that.

It was a friend who first introduced me to matched betting, I tried learning it from what I could find on forums and stuff but it was all a bit confusing to begin with. Ended up joining a site called profit accumulator for free after reading a review on it where the guy was blogging about it and posting his earnings. He’s making quite a bit more than me, but shows what’s possible if you put the time in.

(This is his blog post that he shows his earnings and stuff on: Profit Accumulator Review - The Truth About Matched Betting - Jamie Anderson).

The videos on PA helped me a lot in the beginning, all I use it now for is the reload offers every day, saves a lot of time with them being there in one place each day with full instructions, instead of having to cruise about forums finding them which took me ages in the beginning.

You aren’t the first person to mention how good the month of December is for matched bettors, or has been in the past. I hope you enjoy your break over the holidays but I will be powering through all the offers to bank as much as possible before the new year! :smiley: