Any WhatsApp Traders community?

Hey am Ezra am 17 and am Ugandan i have been Trading for one month in a demo account and it’s been pretty hard learning on my own i was wondering if There’s a WhatsApp Traders Community or even if you are an individual who would like you help me so I help them too. Am easy to work with am committed and willing to learn and share experiences. Send me a private message if interested. Btw am a swing trader. Thanks


I am also interested in such a Whatsapp community to get instant notifications and rapid exchange of ideas.

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Hi, and welcome to the forum. Whilst other members may (or may not) have their favourite clubs, did you try using an internet search engine with the words “whatsapp forex trader club”? I found many links.

Perhaps before joining a club stick around on here and look at the School of Pipsology. One thing I can tell you about this forum is that it has many very knowledgeable members who are willing to give of their experience freely. And that is more than I can say for many other sites I have visited. Watch out for people who want to take your money away from you. They can be very convincing. :cry:


If you have your own trading strategy, you won’t have much need for others’ opinion.

But I understand the desire to share ideas. I’ve done the same here, myself.

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I appreciate your reply.
The thing is, even if I have a strategy, how would I know which instrument to apply the strategy to? Most people can only scan perhaps 6 instruments (maybe some can do more). However, if you part of a community (like a Whatsapp Grou), then you would hear of more trading opportunities since every member is scanning and looking for trading set ups.

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You’re on a forum for forex.

So what do you do when others in the group have different strategies than you?

Will you copy them? Will you enter with their strategy and exit with yours?

I’m just playing devil’s advocate. I’m sure you’ll find people looking for the same thing. Maybe try facebook as well.


No, I won’t blindly copy them, I will look into what they suggested and apply my own criteria. Consider it a short-list for further review.

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Hey i was wondering if you are a swing trader like me because if you are then we would work together to get better

Hey there, yes I do swing and day trading mostly. Be glad to share ideas. How do you communicate? Telegram WhatsApp

Hi @mabs and @_last_royal_101,

I have a suggestion how you can kick this off and keep it simple within the Baby Pips community unless and until it grows in popularity that it is worth creating your own WhatsApp community - or even link to your WhatsApp community if that does not fall foul of BabyPips rules.

I will restate your requirement - paraphrased.
Requirement - to magnify the number of valid trading opportunities by acting as a group instead of as individuals in analyzing and discussing Forex trades.
Constraints - the members (or contributors) will need to have very similar goals, but the overarching constraint will be that unless the trading strategy and plan are broadly aligned to the same purpose, it will become “an autonomous collective” where nobody focusses on the key objectives.

To create a group of like minded individuals who believe that many brains are better than one.

To demonstrate that following one strategy and one plan can result in continuously refining that plan to demonstrate an edge by historical analysis of trades actually proposed and agreed by a consensus of members.

To demonstrate a positive edge to following the trade plan that results in a 25% per annum return on invested capital.
To obtain commitment from members to take on tasks that support the creation, and continuous improvement of, a robust and backtested trading plan

I will leave it there. In creating the vision, goal and objectives, I will now challenge both of you to further develop this idea. I am happy to contribute by suggesting how to develop the business process of creating and improving a plan, but I will not lead this. I already have my own 75 page plan that includes all I have mentioned in here, and a lot more. But that is for me alone to develop and perfect.

Where to host such an idea?

AT, the general topics are listed.

Beginners Questions
Trading Discussion
Trading Systems
Broker Discussion
Trading Tech and Tools
Bitcoin Talk and Cryptocurrencies
Global Markets
Commercial Content
The Lobby

I suggest one of you start a new thread in Trading Systems section.
New Topic, and call the post “Crowd Forex Trading Free System” or something to that effect.
Copy the link to this post in the initial post, and just ask for ten members to start off bouncing ideas around on the post but try quickly to come to a list of tasks that you think different members could complete so that you gradually develop an agreed strategy (that is the what and why and should deliver exactly the vision, the goals and the objectives as stated) and then the plan (that is the how, who, when and where) that defines the limits of the system (eg Forex pairs only, which Forex pairs, etc).

If there is already disagreement between members you have to define who has the final say, or take group votes on matters with a Chair having the final say if there is a 50/50 tie of votes.

KISS - keep it simple, stupid. Don’t get bogged down in process. Try to quickly come to a conclusion as to what are the boundaries of the system, always remembering that the target is to prove that a 25% return on capital, on a continuous basis for the trade choices made, and the actual results should be compared on a monthly basis to measure whether the entries chosen are getting a better result or a worse result as time marches forward.

Best of luck with it. I look forward to receiving an invitation from such a new thread.


Yes there are so many sir

Hi I’m also looking for Whatsapp Traders group. As far as I know, Telegram is more popular in Chinese community (Yes, I’m from Chongqing, China but stay in L.A. currently.) If you have such group, I’m interested.

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Not wise to just hand out your mobile number on an online site, especially in a field where scammers run rampant.

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