Anybody else having OANDA troubles?

The last couple of days, Oanda will load up to 84 or 86 percent, then just stop. Sometimes it will eventually load, sometimes it won’t. I thought it was just my home PC, but today I’m not even getting connected (and it’s from my work PC- shhh). Maybe I’m just dumb and doing something wrong?

Right now I’m just in demo mode, but I was actively demo trading and had an open position- Boy, I wouldn’t want to have real $ out there without being able to access the broker.

Stop loss limits…use them!

Perhaps this will help you.

Oanda Forum - FXGame Tech Difficulties

I’ve never had a problem with a live account yet, atleast for the last 8 months or so :slight_smile:


I had problems with Oanda’s FX game all day yesturday :-/

But they are aware of the problem, and it seems like it’s working today.

Thanks for the replies.
Yes, it looks like OANDA is having some pretty widespread issues lately. I got on this AM at about 7am EDT United States, but I can’t get connected at all now. Oh well, guess this means I probably need to get some work done at my REAL job and take a forex break (dangit!).:rolleyes:

Or you could just open up a live account with like $10-$50 bucks and trade for pennies a pip to give you real live experience while risking peanuts :slight_smile: . Plus you have the live platform which I believe it better to learn from than the game.


I definitely agree with that. I don’t have an account with Oanda (or any other broker yet) but they are one of the brokers that keeps coming across my radar. I think the fact that they do allow you to trade with so little gives the trader a psychological shot in the arm; I don’t know of any other broker where you can trade on the live platform with little risk.

The problems only affect the Demo/Game software. They are aware of the problems and said today should be much more stable.

Its all fixed now :slight_smile:

I agree. In my understanding, demo can be used only to get familiar with the software itself…what is does how it executes orders, etc. For learning I would suggest to trade live - even if you trade 1pip = 1cent, it changes the attitude - at least for me it changed since I started learning with small, but still real money.

Not only that but if your trading wild pairs like GBP/USD or GBP/JPY which can move 200-300 pips in the blink of an eye, than you would have just made $2 - $3 bucks at 1cent/pip. It’s not much but you can buy a case of beer after $20 bucks and you feel like your making money :). If you can make money by being disciplined than when the time comes for trading $10 a pip you would make $2000 - $3000 on the same trade that you made $2 - $3 dollars. :D. Just remeber that you would be responsible for taxes if you live in the US even @ 1cent/pip. I don’t mess with the IRS!


Sent you an email, let me know.

Fancy this, I am quoting myself :slight_smile:

I have not opened up a live account anywhere yet. I’ve been doing really well paper trading and uh, well, I know it’s time for me to get some real experience.

Oanda seems to be an okay place to begin since they do allow such small lots. Isn’t Oanda a “bucket shop”/“market maker”? And does that even matter? Also, I’ve seen several times in August where traders said the platform crashed right at key market times when it was widely expected that there would be a rally and profit made - so in other words Oanda deliberately kept the platform down.

Maybe I’ll put in a little money just to get started trading live while I sort out which broker(s) I want to go with.

You seem to be a seasoned trader. You say you have been with Oanda for 8 months and really not had problems with them. Do you have any thoughts about traders claiming the platform was down at key times, and that it was done on purpose?

I have had no problems with oanda and I think their support is pretty good.

To the best of my knowledge the downtime you were speaking of was only for the demo accounts, it didn’t affect the real money platform.

I have been a customer of Oanda for nearly 12 months, trading live
for 10 months. I researched a few brokers before deciding to choose
Oanda, the main reason I chose them was the ease of use of the
"market order box", plus tight spreads & the money I wanted to use
was in paypal, which they accept.

With the live platform I have experienced no problems.

The game platform though does seem rather prone to problems, I
still use this platform for testing etc. but I can always access my
live account at these times.

At present I do not trade live with any other company so in that
respect my experience is limited, but I have downloaded MT4 from
North Finance & Alpari, there spreads are not good, the "market order box"
leaves something to be desired, but of course the TA facilities
on MT4 are probably the best.

As far as I am concerned I am happy with Oanda & I would
recommend them to anybody. :slight_smile:

I don’t have any proof but I find it hard to believe that they would take their system down just to prevent some people from making money. Why ruin your credibility over a scam like that. I did read somewhere, possibly from here that they could offset large volumes of trades to other brokers while still making the spread. They could be referring to times where there is high volume like a minute or so before & after a major announcements which have been known to lag which is why I don’t trade during those times. is one of the best broker i personally felt.:wink: