Anybody got any info on FTMO

hi i was thinking of joining BluFX untill i went to there facebook page and read about the traders who are very unhappy about the leverage been set at 1.3 so i am wanting to find out any info about FTMO . replies welcome . steve

Hi mate. Yeah I’m trying out a prop fund and decided to use FTMO. At the moment I’m picking a partner broker. How far have you got?

i am already trading my own money but its not enough , i will never get anyway with is amount , anyway i doing there free demo which i have found easy , i think trading such a small amount has helped me to be better at money management …anyway please keep me informed of your progress with FTMO cheers steve

Howdy dude, I’ve posted(my current demo stats and some basic info on them) on another thread about FTMO if you’re looking for more info. Seems one of the guys on this thread is looking to take the challenge next week too. Forex Challenge: Can you make a living from trading via prop fund FTMO?