Anybody here tried MotiveWave?

Looks like a good one… Runs on windoz or Mac.
Lots of studies and power… There are several versions available, from analyst to full blown power trader Ultimate edition.
Prices vary depending on the edition you choose.
Head and shoulders above the mt4,5,crap.
If your gonna trade get a professional level platform…

And by the way I am not affiliated with them in any way.

Here is a link to their page… MotiveWave: Stocks, Futures, Options and Forex Trading/Analysis Platform

Well I can’t believe nobody here has looked into MotiveWave… Instead I guess you would all rather stay with the piece of crap MT4… Of course I guess you have to be a treader before you can get away with a crappy platform that has been shown to actually go against you… This is what I am referring to for the less informed…

I tried this the software. The auto Elliot wave doesn’t work for me. I would say it repaint all the time. What startegy you use?. Do you mind sharing you strategy, study or setting with me?..

You probably wouldn’t like it… It repaint all the time…

What’s its main advantage over the industry standard, which is MetaTrader?

can you share your setting here…I bought it and don’t know how to operate best setting for my analysis

I actually use motivewave. But mine isn’t the ultimate edition. I only have the strategy edition. I quite like it though. It’s a very comprehensive platform!

Can share me What kind strategy you use to trade?..I had standonlone 4.1.3 ultimate. I can share it with you

Hmmm did you buy the platform? It’s currently at 4.2.23! Anyway I’m using only volume profile, ichimoku and fibs in my strategy. I just use them to confirm each other. If 2 out of 3 confirms each other, I take it as a high probability trade.


Can you share me your motivewave screen shot?

Well Im a newby and I was hoping someone could guide me on installing EA software and which EA would you guys recommend? The one I was thinking of was a scalping EA software.