Anybody here who has earned much from forex?

I am newbie when it comes to trading and forex. Just want to know if anybody in this forum has earned much from forex trading?

Well, not really that much that can feed 4 families, he he LOL :slight_smile:

I am just doing my demo account with no investment so I have earned nothing from forex yet. Maybe with the virtual profit that I have gained, I am virtually rich, lol

As of now, not yet but I will update in this thread when the time comes that I am able to earn something because I plan to start investing by next month.

I can say that I’ve earned healthy returns on my account. That doesn’t mean I’m filthy rich but I’ve been able to produce consistent positive pips which is slowly adding up to a sizeable return. If you haven’t made positive returns yet, just hang in there and continue to demo trade until you can bring in consistent positive pips.

Well I’m new to forex trading and I have been trying to better educate myself better before I can make a trade and feel confident about doing so…

Money is hard to come these days and I’m not in the business of giving any away…especially if you have to work in the cold and out in the hot sun to earn dollar or two.

But, I 've been trading a demo account for about 2 months now and I see myself trading live in about another week.

This DEMO account that I’ve trading with…I’m making 3 out of 5 successful trades now and my account was up to 75,000… now I’m back to 66,000.

Still trying to tweak on this …Practice , practice , practice…

A good way to practice with real money is to open up a MICRO account. I know FXSol offers this. Each pip is only worth a penny but if you open an account with $5k or so you’ll be properly capitalized. Just don’t crazy and trade 100 micro lots at a time. It’s just a good way to get your feet wet with real money without having to risk too much.

I am not too keen on the simulated trading.

“you can be the best Marksman in the world…Until somebody starts shooting back at you.”

Better to start with small size then build up as the consistency improves. What do others think???

hey ollie35, you mentioned that you’ve been able to consistently produce positive amount of pips. Do you have a set goal of number of pips on a daily basis, or do you keep your position open until you are stopped out?

i have earn consistent income from forex trading over the years now, and i have follow up the tricks by this site even without being a member. i look forward to becoming an expert.

Hello pamskee,

Welcome to babypips forum. I started learning forex with babypips in 2008 and since then have been trading currency markets.

I have made consistent profits and will be soon a full time forex trader.

All you need is good practice and lots of patience and you will reap good benefits.

Hope this helps.


I know a lot of people making more money in forex related businessese - blogging, writing EAs, giving seminars than from actually trading forex

I am happy to hear this. Have you calculated your loss and your gains to see which is greater?

I have been after a few years of consistent effort. Trading is a simple but its not easy. Lots to learn and some discipline on steroids.

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I’m just curious, how much is your consistent income from forex trading? Mind sharing it with us here?

Hello Friends,

Few months ago, I posted on this thread about going fulltime into currency trading. Well, here I am trading full time and also living Off of it.

All you need is hard-work and determination. Trust me, you will love this game.

Yes I have been trading Forex for 10 years on a fulltime basis and loving it. It provides the lifestyle that allows a lot of travel and freedom. I do 4 hour / Daily swing trading so it is not that stressful

Im a turtle trader and also make money on a monthly basis trading forex, just follow the trend, compound your winners and cut your losses short.

Yes there is an automated technique called the Double in a Day Forex technique that does exactly that - every low risk to start with (cut your losses short) and then pyramids winning trades (Compounds winners) on a risk free basis. Very powerful to traders that know what they are doing.

My trading experience is 3 years . I am making good profit from forex that is a main cause to be remain connected with this business. Forex is not easy i n start to manage , With some efforts you will get some profits and after it good earning daily or monthly . Be hopeful and do work hard for this,