Anybody know whats happening?

i dont know what happened but my MT4 isnt working properly. i thought it was my problem but i installed second MT4 broker using another broker. My Trades doesnt move after the first day when the market close…second day onwards…there isnt any trade signals coming in. even the close/open price are the same. its been 3 days like that. Anybody know whats going on ? i thought i was offline but i am signed in.

Hi there,
Just relax…the markets close over the weekend. They’ll be opening again today soon…a couple hours maybe depending on the brokers.

Trade well :slight_smile:

thanks buddy. hopefully thats the case. Thanks for your concern and your reply. Im super noob !! v new…learning everything from scratch. Thanks alot

Yup it should pick up now, my brooker is up for trading now.