Anybody take a good price action course lately?

Been trying to find something recent. Chris Capre has an old thread here, but I don’t think he has a PA course anymore.

Bear in mind price action is driven by order flow. The below book is excellent.

The Psychology of Trading: How to Create & Maintain Your Winning Edge

Jason Alan Jankovsky

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Actually, it has been a long time since I did not find a good course. I prefer to use the free ones since there are a lot of them available.
I might also buy books about different subjects, but attending courses is not that helpful, I guess.
Best Luck/

Can you recommend anything?

Thanks I’ll check this book out.

try trading with rayner on youtube.

Forgot I purchased this and just found it in my amazon acct!

I’m currently taking TechnicalFX mentorship program. Personally it is a so far so good experience for me. I personally think that the act of taking on a mentorship program should be a reactive process. Choose a mentor, whether free or paid, basing on their trading system. Choose a mentor that resonates well with how you personally see the markets.

What if you don’t know what you don’t know? How can you “see” anything?

What kind of trading system do you prefer? Do you prefer using indicators or just pure price action? Seeing the title of your post, I assume you lean more towards the latter. So you should be looking for mentors who trade and teach a trading system basing on pure price action.

If you see a course which teaches a system based on RSI, Stochastic, or Moving Averages, then those courses, and mentors, are not for you.

With 21 topics started and 511 posts, I would assume that somehow you have a certain viewpoint of the markets; how you’d like to trade, how you see if the market is in an uptrend or downtrend, etc. These are your viewpoints. Now all you got to do is to find a mentor who share these similar viewpoints.

How do you find these mentors? Google, YouTube, and in different podcast platforms. Watch and listen how other more experienced traders are trading and then hope that one of them will resonate with you the most to the extent that you’d be willing to learn how they trade not because it is the “golden egg” strategy, but because what they are preaching resonates most with the way how you see the markets on your own, or better yet, what they preach is how you think you’d most likely want to trade in the future.

If I may use an analogy, it is like learning how to play basketball. If I am playing as a shooting guard, would I rather learn from Kobe Bryant (RIP) or Shaquile O’neal. :sweat_smile: Both champions. Both are great in playing basketball. Both can shoot the ball. But since Kobe is in a shooting guard position, and Shaq is in a center position, I’d rather learn basketball from Kobe.

Because we have the same height, we have the same playing style, and we have the same basketball position. And all these latter information, I already know and acknowledge beforehand I search for a basketball coach.

I believe same goes with trading in general.


Would you rather learn from Shaq or say…Rodney Stuckey?

I’d take my chances with Shaq. Unless it is free throws we’re talking about :rofl:

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