Anybody Use the MT5 Trading Software?

How’s it going everybody,

I am still going through the school but does anybody have experience with the MT5 platform on Mac? I see the MT4 platform recommended over and over again but was wondering if I should go with the MT5. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Hi, MT5 is next generation MT4 (obviously :wink: ) so MT5 will be support longer, if you just starting using MT platforms will be better to learn about new generation (which means MT5 ) but of course the is up to you :slight_smile: Regards Greg

I think you should try it first. And then you have to draw conclusions. You can do that on a demo. You can do it right away in a real account. Each of us has our own wishes and demands. So some specific recommendations aren’t gonna work here for sure.

Despite the arrival of MT5, MT4 is still the most popular platform among traders. I’m guessing, we are just creatures of habit.

Yes, these are different terminals with different functionality. But it can really be used to perform better technical analysis at new levels. So, yes, on the whole, I can recommend it. But a lot depends on your personal preferences.

Well, actually, there are more tools for applying ready-made trading algorithms.
And if you’re interested in it, then you should definitely switch to MT5.
Although, in general, these two options seem quite similar to me. I do not see any fundamental difference here.