Anyine using forex chief broker ? scam?

I like the commercial credit system because it allows me to increase the balance paid a little and to take advantage of it when making my tickets, I was able to withdraw it quickly and in case of problems, or eventualities.

I like the leverage proposal that the prospective exchange broker gives its affiliates, I have been using it for a few months, along with the tool to follow another investor and it has given me good results. I have gradually seen what I have invested.

The most positive thing I have seen from forexchief is that they have more than thirty indicators that are most popular among successful brokers and that they recommend in economic articles to improve

I began to use it because my freedom at the time of using bots and other tools caught my attention as well as customizing things my way to adapt them to my style, with bonuses at the end of business cycles for successful transactions.

Excellent application of forexchief has the necessary, if they could let you add more indicators the rest is great !!! Thank you.

I switched from the mt4 platform to the mt5 for its automation because I don’t have much time left to make my tickets, with its tools and bots I can automate the process a bit.

At the moment I am just testing the demo account and it seems to me that it is a good broker to invest because its tools are very fluid as effective, I would like it to have more payment methods.

Actually i have the same question, is Forex chief broker a scam or real, cause if its a scam why is active for so long, or is it just rumors ?

Although it could be improved, it seems to me that forexchief in a super complete and intuitive broker, has tools with very low margin of error and is appreciated.

I like how fast I can withdraw my money with forexchief, and how easy it has been for me to learn to use their platform, they always keep it updated.

There is no rumour about it being bad. Every broker has a competitor and sometimes a competitor will write some articles or posts to discredit a broker. I have been using Forexchief for quite a few months now, I started with the bonus program and I’ve been successfully trading since then. If you check the reviews and forexpeacearmy you’ll see that the broker is doing its best to make sure traders are okay.

I do not usually leave comments, but I really found my account in forexchief to manage my orders with digital currencies, it is intuitive and modern, I love it!

I like the forexchief app that has access to all the forex brokers that are licensed by the company MetaQuotes, to consult them on the comfort of my smartphone