Anyobe else experiencing problems with BabyPips Forum?

im wondering if im alone. since 2 weeks or so i cant do anything on babypips with firefor, later i tried with chrome then it worked. now chrome doesnt work anymore aswell and opera never did.

only through my phone i can post and read stuff.

maybe a problem ik the coding? but it seems to me im the only one having it because when i see the forum its business as usuall.

any ideas? im having the same problem ob 2 different computers with 2 different ip adresses only with my smartphone all is working normal.

anyone else having problem?

edit: now with smartphobe new bugs are popping up aswell.

this top header massage i get on all devices.

maybe it helps solving problem

Hi Turbo,

I am having the same problem and others (e.g. Eddie and Peterma) have been pointing it out


I am having to refresh the page and quickly scroll down WHILE IT IS LOADING, or

CTRL - (that is, zooming out) to make the page smaller enough to view most of it…

Who knows!

You can use babypips app

I do not like it haha

[QUOTE=“PipMeHappy;763216”] I do not like it haha[/QUOTE]
) its fast and time saver

But it does not resolve the problem on computers, does it!! Not everybody uses a 'phone all the time for BabyPips

At home I can only use the Microsoft Edge browser to log in to Babypips forum. Chrome & IE11 won’t let me log in. I can login using Chrome fine on my phone though. And at work I can only log in using IE11. Chrome won’t let me login. I’ve given up trying to work it out.

ah ok at least now i know im not alone thank you Francis!!!

All seems to be working normally now…


Indeed … I think probably it is/was [B]this problem[/B] again, whatever causes it. Working for now, though a couple of days ago I had the same problem during the day and it was working again later at night (UK times). Obviously those nice techie people know about it, anyway … “Good luck, Jim”. :slight_smile: