Anyone actually making money from Binary?

I did trade on BO. I won maximum time 80%+. But it was my mistake to be greedy & traded without break. Then when the market gone against me I lost all profits. So I stopped. There is no reason they will not pay you as long as you have profits in your account. Only mistake we do is over trading , not their faults. Also need to know the S & R and 3 DMA with RSI & ST. to win a trade.

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Why ? There is no risk(s) in other type of tradings? Only a few % of people makes money from stocks, forex, options, crypto etc. It’s a zero sum game. Spreads are the issue where the casino will always win while we don’t . But one person in millions wins the jackpot. It is legit. But only the winners are always the jackals.

hi, i have been trading binary for few years. there are good brokers out there, but 99% of them are scams. they strategically rake your pocket. you should know the techniques exactly the same as trading forex, risk management practices and many more.
what I experienced was, when the clear signal appears, always expiration times not available. so obviously they dont let you trade to win.

so better stay away from them unless you are trading binary just for fun:grinning::grinning::grinning:

Sure. only creators of Binary make money on this. That’s all!

You should acknowledge that binary is like a casino, people invest in it in order to make fast money. It is not a job it is like a hobby!

I have tried BO just for fun,
We can make it simple like predict current candle will be bullih or bearish,
So if u predict current candle will bearish u just need to sell above open price and set expiration time same as candle closing time
Usually i use 30m candle and 1h candle,

Because there is only 1 regulated binary broker and its dont accept client from my country make me stay away from binary

Well, the binary options scammers sure are - in the hundreds of millions, apparently, at least until they get caught and prosecuted.

I can actually say I have made a great return with binary options and actually paid off my car. But I used the only regulated broker in the US.

nadex is an exchange, safe to trade within US as far as i know of, but like some pointed out, why would u take less then 1to1 RR? makes no sence, i risk 1 for atleast 2 in order to stay on top of the market and surpass bad days etc…boh

You dont have to take 1:1 RR. Similar to options when your going for ITM (in the money), OTM (out the money), and ATM (At the money trades) RR will vary.

u r talking about ladders and stuff, i was simply talkin about normal BO, there was a company(forgot how it s called) that had a software to calculate win rates for ITM, ATM,OTM TRADES. numerous indicators u could mix up to see the win>loss ratio over 500 trades for example. here it is Probability Toolsuite – Joaquin Trading , i ain t an affiliate or anything lol, nor do i trade BO anymore, i just recalled about this cos i was looking into BO few years ago.

Seeing Nadex is the only available broker that is for US residents. I put ladders in the same category as normal binary options because that is all they offer lol.

I trade on binary since 2009
So far no problem at all.
Most of them get lost on binary
Cause the have no system.
You have to learn about option first before trade on binary.
If spot trade base on poin you reach and binary base on payout you pay and of course time duration of binary contract.
Its not wise if you blame without learn it before.


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Binary options scammers make even more money - until they are caught, that is:

Three men managed to squeeze out more than 100 million USD of gullible investors through three binary options websites in what appears to be one of the biggest binary options scams, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) revealed.

Kai Christian Petersen, Gil Beserglik, and Raz Beserglik used misleading marketing techniques and manipulative call centers, also known as boiler rooms, to convince investors to trade binary options through three websites, reads the official complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.

Stuff like this makes me wonder how many aren’t caught.

not a fan of binary …cause you can always just win less than you risk …
in forex trading or other instruments i trade i never take less than 2:1 RR so it makes no sens for me to risk 100$ for example when i can win only 80$
my opinion :slight_smile:

No Sir I Think u got the wrong idea Binary Trading Options are the best way to trade on the stock market and make money online. It just depends on your forecastation whether the value of gold increases or decreases and if you got it right you get your Profit thats it.

ma’am lol but okay, cool

Please, put me true. Please be my mentor. Am new in binary please. Thank you.

Who are these scammers ?

Binary is crud !

ITS a simple rip off !

Keep well away !

It looks like very easy solution to make money cause of the nature of that binary system but in the same time it gives very clear field for fraud anyway no matter how do you put it you can simply not going into that matter. Can we really or not ?