Anyone building long USD/CHF?

Just wondering if anyone building long USD/CHF? If yes, what your analysis, what your target?

I’m targeting .94 in 3 months, then .96 before June FED meeting.

What if by some random oddity, 15 babypips users all decided to reply to this thread with their current positioning- and, all of them were short? What if their analysis, for the most part seemed to “make sense” to you, although it contradicts your original bias to go long?

I am not going to trade the CHF for at least a few more weeks. The move was unprecedented and while a rebound looks like it makes sense right now for me it makes sense to look for trades in the dozens of other currency pairs which do not have the CHF.

This seems to make fundamental sense in my opinion, although I’d wait for the FOMC announcement and see if it supports my bias.

That corresponds to my analysis as well. Just close my long position from .86 at .91 when it spiked up the other day. The FED meeting today just a bit too risky to have anything open. But I will definitely buying dip for long again!

FOREXunlimited, you are melting my brain.