Anyone else unable to save progress?

It was working fine up to lesson 132 for me.

When clicking “Yes” to track progress, the confetti flies from the button but it does not save.

Is anyone else experiencing the same thing?

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In which course you are facing this problem.

I think it’s a website issue at this point, not a specific course or lesson. You can try to recreate it with any lesson to confirm (as another friend of mine said they are having issues as well).

Here is the link to lesson 132 that I was having issues with:
(need to put babypips dot com first, no links for beginning posters)

Agreed - I’m having this problem at the moment too, and it’s clearly a website thing. Whenever I click “yes” in the “Track Progress” dialog, it just clicks itself off in a split second and it doesn’t save at all. But oh well, I suppose they’ll get it fixed soon

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same my “track progress” is not working

I sent them an email and left a comment on their facebook post from today tagging them… hopefully it gets resolved soon. Just tracking it on a spreadsheet for now…

Looking into this now. Thank you all for reporting!

This has been fixed! Thank you all so much for posting it here! Please let us know if you encounter any more issues re: saving school progress.


Thanks Ananais for the prompt resolution. I’m continuing through the lessons and it is indeed fixed.

A new issue has come up though, none of the quizzes are about to “start”. To recreate this issue, go to the quiz page and attempt to enter any quiz, you will see the button is grayed out.

I tried to message you directly but maybe I’m too new of an account to do so (spam filter?). The message I get from clicking the link in your bio reads, “Sorry, you can’t send a message to Ananais.”.

Hi @BERLINFFF! Should be working now! Let me know if you find anything else. Thank you so much for letting us know. Now time for you to ace all the quizzes!

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