Anyone from India?

Hi, I’m from West Bengal, India. Are there any other traders from West Bengal, India or other parts of India?

Is forex trading legal in India? :open_mouth:

it’s a very confusing question. But as far as I know Forex trading is not illegal in India. May be the foreign brokers like OctaFX, FXTM, XM etc. are not regualated by SEBI in India but they are regulated by other governing body abroad. Even OctaFX was the Trading Partner of IPL franchise Delhi Capitals. If Forex Trading is illegal, how is this possible. There is no specific answer if it is legal in India. But it’s certain that it’s not illegal in India.

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I think I read somewhere that certain aspects of forex trading is illegal? I can’t remember. I think the dude had to look for a regulated company. Maybe it was about regulation now that I think about it.

Are you from India @bdas492? :slight_smile:

yahh I’m from India. And I’m in the Forex since 2018. yahh one should look for a regulated broker. There are many regulated brokers doing business in India.

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Hi, Can you please let me know a regulated forex broker in India with whom I can trade safely?