Anyone got a UK broker they recommend that's not IG?

Preferably regulated, UK based, with money held in escrow.

Reliability and low latency important.

Fixed spreads even better (getting fed up with IG varying their spread size quite considerably once I’m already in a trade!)

Recommendations welcomed …


Hi @Minnou29 did you check LMAX already? Regards Greg

I use IG and haven’t found too much of a problem. A friend of mine swears by Trade 365 with their good fixed spreads. They are Australian but I believe they have offices in London.

Sorry that should be Tradedirect 365

Not yet, will look them up - thanks Greg

Thanks Johnny, will take a look

Fxview, quite good. Spreads and commissions are incomparably low, but not fixed spreads.

Ah I’m surprised you’d say that, IG so far is the best broker I’ve used, and believe me I have tried way too many. Especially like their instructional material, so darn helpful for a new trader learning different strategies, use of stop loss, etc. Fxview for me comes a close second. Primarily because of the low cost, both spreads and commission. And if you ask me floating spreads are actually better than fixed on so many counts. You’ll get extremely lower spreads during the volatile hours. And if you restrict your trading to those 2 hours in the morning, you will be saving yourself a lot, far more than what you can on fixed spreads.

makes sense, thanks - will take a another look :slight_smile:

Aaagh! IG down again - no screens, delayed prices, it’s deleted all my drawlings/lines - so cannot trade! So frustrated, definitely need to find a new broker and platform… grrrr!

Hi, you can check atc brokers. They are regulated by FCA and have lower minimum to open live account than lmax. Regards Greg

You might consider Hotforex, Tickmill or IB as an alternative. They are all FCA regulated, provide access via ECN and generally keep competitive trading conditions.

Ahan? Are these issues common ?

Must check fxview. They’re Cysec/FCA regulated, spreads and commissions are quite low.