Anyone has problems w Megadriod on (MT4)

I have set up MD on (MT4). It’s been a almost a week and I have tried checking the settings many time, but it has not made a single trade. I am still wondering why.

Wonder if anyone can offer any advice?


I am at and my megadroid didn’t trade last week either. Maybe the spreads were too high? There is no way to set spread in the current version and it is only at a 2 pip max spread I believe so this isn’t very much but probably the reason it wasn’t trading. I hope we can adjust spreads in the future…

Hi Pipendale and c3chia,

I transferred my Mini account to a US MT4 account last week. The account transfer occurred on 6/16 in the AM and I got a trade between 6-7pm EST for 5 pips and another trade on 6/22 between 6-10PM for 5 pips. Also, this account is being hosted by a VPS so I should not have any connectivity issues on my end I hope! Based on reading other MD threads it really appears certain brokers may be better for MD than others. I’m certainly going to start looking into this a little more.

Hope this helps,


You guys should really lose the EA’s and learn to trade for yourselves. If they pull any kind of profit, it’ll be short-lived and end up with more losses than winners.

Read the babypips school and learn to trade. You won’t regret it. You can even keep trying your EA in the mean time.

Hi, it’s all well now. MD made a trade this week. Just that I guess it’s a bit slow, so Virtecs maybe right about learning to trade myself. Need the discipline to so that:p Cheers.