Anyone here actively trading (swing trading/day trading) crypto?

Can anyone please comment on whether they have had dealings with eMarkets Trade in London on Cryptos and how your experience has been?

I’ve been trading crypto for a few months now. I’ve used GDAX, Binance as well as JAFX to trade on margin.


I would also suggest Kraken now that the infrastructure is up. For higher risk you might try Bitmex. They have futures with up to 100x on BTC, but also offerthe main cryptos. Only BTC deposits allowed

I always advise traders to stay away from the crypto trading as the market is really dangerous and unpredictable until now. I am not going to invest in it now as I do not have enough trust in it. What do you think guys in this regard?

most of the people that I know that trade crypto have a large starting capital, so it’s less risky for them. Right now, I am just hodling some of the cryptos in my wallet

In terms of Ethereum: the upward trend in the morning was expected to be under pressure near the 2050 position, and then the price continued to test downwards. At present, it has reached the 1950-1920 support area mentioned in the morning. The yin collection continues, and the bear mood is getting stronger, so if you buy a friend, you can consider making a small profit and beware of the price falling again. Our thinking is still to recommend empty orders. At the top of the rebound, we should still focus on the vicinity of 2050. Given the opportunity, we can still consider entering in light storage, stop loss at 2080, and stop profit at 1980-1950. If the 1900 position falls below, it will announce the end of this wave of rebound, and the subsequent price is expected to go down, and the price will once again retreat to the 1870 line position, so the break can be used to grasp a short wave.

I think MT4 is better, worldwide, Huobi and Binance have been investigated recently, I think it is not safe